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Are You On the Guest List for TeeBub's Birthday Party?


...well- WHY NOT??


OKAY - how about a Winter Meetup in Florida-

Largo, FL, to be exact (not Key Largo)-

& we'll use TeeBub's birthday as an excuse?



...oh, and btw -

that would be the weekend of February 11th, 2012.

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Wow, Teebs, you're singing my song, w/just a little change in the chorus.

I'm trying to pay off debt + save for a central a/c in the spring. Probably the same expense as your roof!

BAF, correction. Largo, FL not Key Largo. Largo is just North of St. Petersburg.
Yes B A F, I'm sandwiched between St. Pete, and Clearwater. (actually a little closer to Clearwater)
Corner of Belcher Road and East Bay....I lived in an apartment there in 1973, Tee.  The complex was called "The Haystacks" then.  I found a FB page for those very same apartments, now under a different name, last year.
That's probably no more than 2 or 3 miles from my house Stir. East and west,  I'm between Belcher and Starkey, north and south, between Ulmerton and Bryan Dairy.

You can add KC and I as a probable. We'll be there barring any unforeseen, drastic occurances.


Really looking forward to it!


Sounds like the plan is starting to come together.

I'll work on Pru.

I've been doing that too Robbie.
I prefer to not be on the Guest List - Crashing a joint is always more fun.
Crash away Snagg, I think we need a deejay!!!




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