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Are You On the Guest List for TeeBub's Birthday Party?


...well- WHY NOT??


OKAY - how about a Winter Meetup in Florida-

Largo, FL, to be exact (not Key Largo)-

& we'll use TeeBub's birthday as an excuse?



...oh, and btw -

that would be the weekend of February 11th, 2012.

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Quinn wrote: hummm...I could coordinate a trip to my company headquarters in Clearwater and a visit to my sister in Key West...


ummm.... YESSSS!!!!!!

Deez, I got an email from Pru, I think there was chance that she may come to the meet. She didn't think it was likely, but didn't rule it out entirely either. She wants me to keep her updated, so there's a chance. She also told me to tell you that she still owes you a a gluten free, low carb, decafeinated, MSG-free, lo-cal, latose tolerant lunch.

rotfl!! But not lo-cal! Please!! Give me cals!! '-) And yay for the lactose tolerance - GIVE ME CHEESE! '-)


Give that Pru great big hugs for me, and my email addy & a GREAT BIG INVITE to your b'day meetup!! xox

With regrets, I'd have to say that there is very little chance I could make it to Tee's Birthday Bash. 
Please submit a REALLY good excuse.....:-)
Lack of $

Making plans...hatching ideas.   Maybe is always a possibility!!


Jaylee, maybe is much better than... no way I'm gonna go THERE!
I think you & that Cowboy of yours should focus some strong energy on hatching plans for a February vacation to Florida!
I totally understand Stir. That's why I didn't make it to Pitt. We've been trying to pay down some credit cards, and save for a new roof at the same time.

I'm planning to leave my current job in a few weeks...winter could thus be a little tight.  I no longer like doing my old career job, even on a part time basis.  I'll need to find something else next year, hopefully a little closer to home.

I didn't mean to be so emphatic with my assessment of my chances to make it to your b'day party.  I'll amend it to 'possibily'.  I would like to be there.  ;-)

Another possible!!!!




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