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Having a great time at Kremis' premises with Robbie and TBub

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Did you look in the tree house?
Darn!!! You're soooo smart, TBub!!! I'll go check there right away!!! Nooooo, I think I'll wait awhile... LOL
Robbie! You & I have GOT to party more the next time you come through Atlanta! We were far too tame, quite obviously! '-)
Be careful what you ask for D's! :)
lol! I just heard that I might get to cross paths w/another tbd'er this weekend! fingers crossed.... '-)
Don't worry, KC, he'll climb down when he runs out of beer.
Then we have a new category. Tipsy Posting.

You are a bit tipsy; I got a crick in my neck from watching it.
Me too Ubu, I need a neck adjustment now. What a great looking couple. I love your laugh Jean.
I am a lucky man.
I think we're both lucky to realize we're lucky. :)
You're so right, my friend. It's one thing to be lucky, but another to be cognizant of it and not take it for granted.




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