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Furry or feathered or scaly children...most of us have had one or many. I find it hard to live without them. How about you?

This is dear Miss Itty Bitty Kitty.

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exuberant boy
leaping high as a gazelle
plumy tail flying
walking with Daddy
around the clock tower hill
a world of good smells
dear little Birdie
existing only on love
staying for Mommy
in the beginning
man gave names to animals
Bob D still sings on
curled up with mommy
itty bitty kitty purrs
loud as a chain saw
beautiful bella
eyes as wise as any sage
loving her daddy
Running alfresco,
Flying free, released at last
From racetrack rules, bets.
Glad to see you here, Lynda! This sounds like a reference to a rescued greyhound...is it? I have always loved geyhounds!

sleek and made for speed
coursing imagined foxes
across endless fields
bravest Booty boy
heart as big as all outdoors
joyful awareness
my baby Siris
playing with his birds all day
sleeping in my arms
You tugged at my heart w/this one, DD. ty... I think. '-)




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