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Have you been watching this show. I like it a lot.  Keith Urban gives a great performance and reminds me of Dr. Mc Coy at the same time!

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Oh yeah it is one of my must watch on Monday nights and I can't wait until "Sleepy Hollow" returns. I like it even better. :-)

I like Sleepy Hollow too.  I don't know why the shows are so chopped these days.  Shows I like do not really have a full season. 

Good episode last night.   Scary to think that in the future humans will lean on computers to do everything for them and one little glitch and things go horribly wrong. Tthat story line has been a mainstay in Sci-fi for many years. It is a little fear of mine.

Yeah, I watch it also. The idea of AI ( artificial intelligence )  has always made me nervous. :-)

I am enjoying free TV this season. Monday nights I got "Almost Human" and "Sleepy Hollow" CBS has "Intelligence" Monday night. That show is beginning to get my attention.

Tuesday nights I have "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" and "Person of Interest"

Wednesday night: I have "Revolution"

Friday night: I have "Grimm.

Waiting for the the return of "Under The Dome".

We watch the same shows. Though on Thursdays I like Sherlock Holmes on CBS. I love quirky.




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