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A writer's most prized possession is his or her own unique writing style. 

Raymond Chandler, an accomplished American novelist and screenwriter, admitted: "The most durable thing in writing is style, and style is the single most valuable investment a writer can make with his time."

The term "style" stems from the Latin word "stilus." The "stilus" represented a tool for writing on the waxen tablets of the Romans; it had a pointy end for producing the imprint on the wax, and a rounded end for erasing.


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you are right about  the fun summer reads on the beach or vacation

I usually take books I will be sure to pass on for others to use 

I'm with you luvy about my own style as I started out telling the story.  

I'm having a time writing down what I am telling so I actually say

it out loud to anyone or anything that listens. 

I was reading Rod McKuen poems

 one I did not understand was read to

"Biscuit", a dog I was dog sitting and he stopped wiggling and listened to me...

Right now I am going nuts trying to figure out 

Light In August

by William Faulkner

as it jumps around so much that I have to read it over and over to get the point...

wondering if there is a point!

Agatha Christie and others (not all mystery writers)

I have no problem with even reading beginning to end in one night.




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