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 I don't know if you read about this, but it has been big news hereabouts.  Every day there is a little bit more news about this guy who killed his wife and daughter and then hid out in the bunker that he had been building for eight years while his wife thought he was out hiking in the mountains.

I've had a few weird neighbors over the  years, but none like this.


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Could have been a teeny tiny......never mind.

Many years ago when I lived downtown there was a woman who dressed in either a  powder blue "Jackie Kennedy" suit w/hat and gloves, pocket book or a very lovely pink version of the same.   I will see if I can find some archives of her but she was said to be very wealthy.   I got a kick out of her.   I thought she had style....repetitive...but style.

So long as they just think you're crazy and dangerous.  Crazy and helpless puts you at their mercy.





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