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"Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s iconic Spock, has gone public with the fact that he’s been diagnosed with COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is defined a group of lung diseases – among them chronic bronchitis and emphysema -- "

See complete article and tweets from StarTrek.com: Nimoy and COPD

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I am very familiar with this disease. I lost one of my older brothers to COPD, about nine years ago.

I can only wish Leonard Nimoy the best and smooth sailing.

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My mother also died of this.   She could not even walk from the kitchen table to the sink.  She took a lot of flack from family because they did not understand how she could not attend family functions. It was before the time we even heard of COPD.    Kooner, if you have found some relief I am happy for you.  I send my thoughts to Mr. Nimoy.




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