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A bird pecked me on the back of my head today...

What the heck is that?  I laughingly walk into an outdoor arena with a few birds milling about, to sit down with a friend to drink coffee, thinking "Tell Friend not to be afraid --it is only a movie (Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds), and whack!  A bird attacks the back of my noggin!

Don't call.  I survived.  It felt like a diving beak attack of the Sme noggin.  Not a workers comp case but if I find that bird has any assets, he/she is paying me for general damages and beakitry.

Is it my huge noggin or what the heck is it?  What weird thing happened to you today or lately?  Is it me or has the world run amok? 

Write soon.  I have a date.


PS:  got my money?  Anyone?

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lol! Pru with rabbits, Quinn with birds... I think ya'll should start a group... well, I'm too tired to come up w/an appropriate name for your group, but I'm sure you'll think of something clever.

Here's your official group button:

I'm betting that Ms Sme was a hummingbird in a previous life.

Lar, that was spectacular. I really enjoyed seeing that film.

I could see Ms. Sme as a hummingbird in another life and time. :)

Do you hate all birds?

Even after seeing this...?
The can we at least agree on one thing?

Michael Jackson perverted that poor bird.
That is so kool, and funny!!
I liked the part when she imitated the bird and quivered her tail.
ALERT: Quinn and Ms Sme beware. Here is evidence the birds can be all around you, making themselves sound like something else:

Look at it this way Ms. Noggin, it coulda been worse.


My killer bird was black with orange hands -- wings, I mean. He fled so quickly that I couldn't even complete the police report.

Can someone please yank the band-aid off my hair?
Red-winged blackbirds are vicious. They'll go after anything that gets close to their nests. They'll gang up on hawks or any bird regardless of size and peck them in flight.

Quinn? Be very careful when walking out of your house or getting out of your car. Keep your eye to the sky. Birds know when they're hated and they are vengeful. I'm just trying to help.




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