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Blink, Blink...

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magic in his eyes
entrancing sparks of wonder
mysterious depths
rich and fertile green...
all the children ever born
safe within her eyes
shining in the night
red eyes watch, biding their time
the innocent sleep
Seems so trite to say:
"Eyes are the soul's true windows"
To me- the portal!
not the least bit trite
crystal clear panes, or obscured
by our own design
look into my eyes
peer at the depth of my soul
I'm here, still exist
always existing
beneath the imperfect flesh
the perfect soul bides
is there perfect soul?
we all try to reach that point...
He was crucified
carefully we move
through the maze of hidden fears
looking for the key
glances filled with love
"i only have eyes for you"
loyal companion
the look in her eyes...
reminiscent of deer eyes
captured in car lights
the eyes do have it
gateposts of entry to soul
grant me an entrance




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