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I had a nice conversation with Frank (Hieagle) last week. He said he's finally getting the help he needs. He's got a hospital bed now and a different nurse. His vision has not improved but the sores on his leg were healing. The day I spoke with him, he said his lunch was good. He had previously complained about the food.

I asked him to tell me about his abduction experiences. He told me about them and some of his other life experiences. He asked me to give his regards to everyone and let ya'll know how much he misses us. I assured him that we miss him too.

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Thanks for staying in touch with Frank. And yes, we all miss him too.

He was always so nice to everyone. Even to those that let him know they didn't believe his stories. I never saw an unkind word from him.

Frank is an unusual person.  I talked to him a couple of weeks ago and his spirits were up and he was optimistic.  He does love keeping in touch with all of us.  Thanks for the update OED. 

I am so glad you were able to reach him.  He was always on BV and I always enjoyed his conversations with us.  Did he get put into a real nursing home?

OOPS  Sorry I saw Syble's photo and thought it was her post.  Thanks for the update OED.  

Thanks for the update Diva. Wishing him well.

Yes, Diva, thanks for the update & sending the groups wishes for him.

Thank you for the update, so glad Frank is getting better help now. I do wish there was a way for him to spend some time here, I know he would enjoy it.

He has the facilities to do so but his failing eyesight is the reason he can no longer respond to e-mails or posts. 

I'm happy about him doing better now.

Good to hear.  I often thought about him when we were all on Boomerville and the things he had to go without.  Glad he is getting the help he needs now.  I'm sure getting the proper nutrition has helped with the healing of his legs.




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