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At 7:18am on November 30, 2023, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 6:53am on November 30, 2022, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 10:46am on November 30, 2021, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 7:08am on November 30, 2020, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 8:16am on November 30, 2019, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 7:41am on November 30, 2018, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 6:20am on November 30, 2012, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 11:23pm on November 30, 2010, Ladyg said…

At 5:12pm on November 30, 2010, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday! Have some kolaches! Czech pastry with fruit filling. Polish and Czech version of jelly donut.
At 7:23am on February 10, 2010, Tony337 said…

Angels sent by Friends Igniting the Heart to Sing with Pride
To stand up Strong and Tall and Not to be torn apart inside
Angels sent with Love Singing out With Peace within
Come to those in Need as the Song upon the Wind

When you send an Angel remember this to be true
Another Angel is also Watching over You
Singing out With Peace and Freedom
Singing out With Delight
For a Friend to Send an Angel ignites the Flame to burn Bright

You may not always See them or Hear their Song
But Angels send a Dream so you can Stand Proud and Strong
The Song of the Angel lights up the Heart and Spirit within
Angels Bring Forth The Love that Comes from the Heart
Sent to Earth with Delight to Heal to Shine to Stand with Pride

Listen to the Song that is Played by the Wind
Watch the Stars dance High up above
You will See that when you send an Angel
You are also sent one who will shower you with Love

(Tony Kenyon 2010)
At 7:15am on February 4, 2010, Tony337 said…
I wrote this for a New Friend Cityboy and his Love for his Wife

I heard the Song your Heart Gave to me My Spirit Danced with Dreams of Delight
As you Put your hand into mine As we Walked beneath the Stars
As we Danced to the Swaying of the Trees
Peace and Freedom came to My Heart as the Wind sang through the Valley
Harmony and Unity came to join in the Sunshine of Delight
As your Hand held tightly unto Mine

You Walked with the notion of peace from within
Sent me soaring with Dreams that never End
As we Danced with The Flowers and the Trees
Seeing your Smile Ignited the Flame within me
Though Tomorrow is just a Day Away and Tomorrow is a Memory
I have your Hand in Mine Forever and A Day
Dancing with the Joy that Showers from within
As the Spirit Soars on the Whisper of the wind

When we Dance in the Clear Moonlight
When We Sing from our Hearts Souls and Mind
Knowing Peace will Shine from within
As you hold Tightly unto my Hand

(Tony Kenyon 2010)
At 12:21am on January 31, 2010, CuppaJoe said…
Hi Ann,
Welcome to TBD. Drop by the Daily Grind Cafe in the Welcome Lounge (its a tab on the top of every page) and say hello. I'm the Chief Cat Herder over there and would be pleased to have you as a guest to get to know our members.

At 7:11pm on January 30, 2010, Aggie said…
Howdy and welcome!
At 8:23am on January 29, 2010, Tony337 said…

Sing out with A Dream Sing out with the Spirit
Sing out With the Song upon the Wind
Sing out when You are down Sing out with joy as your Heart soars unbound
Freedom comes from within Soaring beyond the Stars and the Moon
Peace is a Place to Visit when your heart is soaring to the Dream
Peace is not far ahead just follow your Dream from your Heart

Sing out and Feel the Love
Sing out with the Flame burning Bright
Sing out and Feel Peace from your Spirit as it Dances
To the Song of The Wind Beneath the Moon shining Bright
Capture the Dream and let no one Clip Your Wings

Precious is the Gift of Love
Sent from Heavens above
Pass it around and Share a Smile
See the Dream Ignite from within
As you sing out with the Song of the Wind

(Tony Kenyon 2010)



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