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At 4:09am on October 2, 2020, Angharad said…

Glad to hear you like your bed, Carol, and that it's comfortable! A comfortable bed goes a long way toward good sleep.

I'm also very happy that Maxx is still okay and that his "dad" is interested in you riding him again. He'll probably be retired soon, I'd imagine. I'm frankly surprised the orthopedist cleared you to ride so soon. I think it's wise you've decided to put it off for a bit. Yeah, getting to the barn a couple of times before you ride would be a good thing.

I love Japanese culture and language! The lecture DVDs sound interesting. I follow several creators on YouTube who are Japanese living in Japan, and several who are not Japanese but live in Japan. They put out content about Japanese culture, language, food, and travel. I particularly love watching a very bright and personable older gay Japanese couple who do a lot of live-stream walks through different areas of Japan--it's so "in the moment" it's almost like being there. Very cool!

I admire your civic spirit and the desire to know what's going on in your district. Serving on the community board sounds like a good way to give back. 

Yup. Winter is coming! I'm so glad because I couldn't take the heat anymore.

Take care of yourself and keep me posted, periodically.

A xoxox

At 1:35am on September 10, 2020, Angharad said…

Sorry about your car A/C! I hope the repair isn't too expensive.

BritBox sounds like a fantastic gift! I adore Britcoms and of course British movies and plays, etc. In Britain, it's actual talent that makes you a well-know celebrity, not looks like in America. :>)

SO glad to hear that Maxx has recovered! I know how happy you'll be to get back to the barn.

Very cool about the new bed. My ancient Sleep Number bed has finally given up the ghost but I don't have the money to replace it right now. How is your Hybrid bed? I hear the memory foam can be hot. Is it? Is it firm?  What do you like best about it and what do you dislike, if anything? A high bed is good for me--I'm taller and have a little difficulty getting up, so the height really helps.

Technology can be such a pain. Yeah, when I've used an app for talking to my doctor, it never works through the whole appointment. Do you think the satisfaction of serving as a community board member will far outweigh the hassle?

I'm glad you're getting out when you can and also seeing friends. I love that you and your friends had "cocktail" hour outside. I'd been isolated for a long time before the pandemic, but this COVID-19 isolation is starting to wear on me. Keep walking when you can--it's such good exercise.

You and yours take care as well.


At 10:37pm on September 5, 2020, Angharad said…

WOW, Carol! That is a lot to deal with, but it seems like you're figuring it all out and knocking each challenge down as you encounter it. That's very admirable! I'm glad your son is there to help as much as possible. My thoughts and good vibes will continue to be with you as you heal.

Happy very belated Birthday, btw! I know your pre-birthday celebration was good (friends, grilled cheese, and all), and I hope the actual day was even better.

I'm sorry to hear that Maxx has diarrhea. I hope it's been resolved with no dire diagnosis assigned to it. Maxx is a good old age, as you pointed out, but he hopefully has more years ahead of him.

Yeah, everybody's dealing with Zoom lately. I hear it's sort of a pain to learn and set up correctly, but once you do it's quite effective for meetings. I don't think I knew you were on your community board--is that an elected or appointed position or volunteer? My friend, who is the City Attorney for some cities and villages in upstate, is on the Common Council of the city in which he lives. They've been using Zoom for meetings. Apparently, it has its advantages. Haha!

Well, keep exercising and doing what the doctors tell you, and staying involved will definitely keep your spirits up (although that doesn't seem to be a problem for you). Get out when you can to visit the barn. And stay safe!


At 10:25pm on August 28, 2020, Aggie said…

Your welcome, I hope your day was good.

At 8:01am on August 27, 2020, Aggie said…

Happy Birthday!

At 11:46pm on August 9, 2020, Angharad said…

Oh my gosh--that's terrible, Carol!  I'm so sorry that happened! I'm very thankful, however, that you're on the mend, albeit a very long and probably painful healing process. Do the doctors predict you'll be fully back to normal at the end of the process, in terms of walking at least? My VERY best wishes for a faster than expected healing.

Can you drive still?

I also know how much you'll miss riding. Hopefully, you can at least go visit the barn and breath in some good horse smells and kiss some muzzles. Maybe be Carrot Mama to everyone. Maybe watch some clinics, if any are offered. Or even get back into judging. Can you still volunteer at GallupNY (doing something which isn't strenuous)?

I forget--does your son live with you? I know from experience how much harder EVERYTHING is when you're alone, and how much more thought has to be put into everything you do. Please take it as easy as you can and be as careful as you can! Having grab bars installed everywhere and non-slip surfaces applied is GOOD! Geez, whoever said that these are our golden years must have been rich, happily married, and under 50. Haha!

Write when you get bored or frustrated or just want to talk. It seems to me life should get easier as we age, not harder. 


At 1:56am on April 23, 2020, Angharad said…

I'm glad you finally got your new boots and that, with some cobbling, they'll work for you! Thanks to COVID-19, that was a very long process.

The Easter roast really did look delicious. Was it a pork roast? You mentioned stuffing. Was it bread stuffing with onions, celery, sage, and such, or was it something else? I saw lovely green peas. Did you have potatoes or some other starch? And I saw scrumptious cupcakes for dessert. Wow, it looked like a proper feast!

I was alone for Easter so I didn't really have anything special. (Haha! That's why I'm salivating and asking so many questions about your dinner.)  I think it's a wonderful idea to set a festive table even if there are just 2 of you. Your table looked great. I loved the flowers and the bunny and eggs centerpiece. The china was also very pretty! I hope you had a happy celebration. 

I'll definitely send good vibes for you and that puzzle. ツ It sounds like a pretty one.

Take care of yourself.


At 12:57pm on April 20, 2020, Angharad said…

Hey, Carol...did you ever get your new boots? If so, how did they fit?

The Easter roast looked yummy! ツ

At 2:25pm on April 12, 2020, carol machulski said…

Hi Angharad ....here's Easter dinner photos. 

At 6:27am on April 12, 2020, Angharad said…

The horse says, "To heck with the ears, but the carrot's good!"

Happy Easter, Carol!

At 2:45am on March 24, 2020, Angharad said…

I'm glad you've ordered a different pair of boots, Carol. Hopefully after a trip to the cobbler, they'll fit well. Now we have to be rid of the coronavirus so there'll be events to which you can wear them!

I know NY is in super lockdown. I'm glad you got outdoors for some air and that trusty Mickey D's was open for getting grub. 

It sounds as though you're busying yourself with lots of worthwhile activities to avoid cabin fever. Good idea! At this point, I'm so used to isolation that it's sort of business as usual! Lol

Continue to take good care of yourself, Carol, and please update me on the next episode of the boot saga. ツ

At 4:56pm on March 17, 2020, Angharad said…

Oh, for goodness' sake! It's shocking to me that dressage must have dropped off so much. It's not like the economy has been bad lately (at least until now). Later in my riding career I got custom boots, but for the longest time I went to Dover or whatever tack store I happened to be around and could find dress boots easily. What a pain for you!

If the boots are only a smidgen too high, they'll relax down your leg once you've broken them in. Otherwise, yup, it's cobbler time. (A few minutes ago I was looking at the picture you sent...do you have a dressage whip? They're not expensive, and a whip is far more effective than a crop for the finesse needed in dressage.) 

Geez, I'm so sorry about you having to reschedule your trip to Scotland! And I'm right with you about not enjoying warmer summer temperatures without an air-conditioned refuge. I HATE being hot and sweaty--it literally makes me sick.

This coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc everywhere! Yeah, you do your best to stay safe too. I don't know about you, but I'm well into the high-risk zone. I'm "social distancing" up a storm! Hahaha!

Do keep me up on what's happening. I'm interested.

At 11:45am on March 17, 2020, Angharad said…

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Carol!

At 6:57am on March 11, 2020, Angharad said…

Wow, what's up with that? Of course, I haven't bought riding apparel or tack in years, but I never heard of such a backlog in something as essential as dress boots! Do you suppose it's supply and demand? Are there that many fewer dressage riders??

Geez, I'm sorry you've had to go through so many starts and stops. What a nuisance. I'm inclined to think it's less a cause of supply and demand than a major trend toward ineptitude which I've noticed virtually everywhere. I have barely hired a worker for a job or placed an order in years which didn't fall far short of expectations or get royally screwed up. There's little integrity anymore.

Anyway, Carol, I hope your new boots arrive on time and that they fit well and are an acceptable quality. Okay, heavens, no more delays! lol

Post a picture of them if you can.

me ツ

At 2:41am on March 6, 2020, Angharad said…

I'm glad to hear that we may continue talking, Carol. I'd miss you, if not!

Your volunteer job at GallupNY sounds great! Equine therapy--any animal therapy really--is so good for everyone concerned. What's better for comfort and healing than unconditional love? And domestic animals love being loved on. BIG win/win!!!

Here's a link directly to your page. This may work just the same, or maybe better, than the link you have. To be safe, I'd save them both.  http://teebeedee.ning.com/profile/carolmachulski

See you again, I hope! 


At 7:12am on March 5, 2020, Angharad said…

Wow! I hope that wasn't our last note, Carol! You're my only horse person left on TBD and, except for you, I have no one left to talk dressage with. Plus, and more importantly, I think of you as a friend.

Have you bookmarked this site? Or is it being elusive in some other way? If so, that's worrisome. Maybe the problem will resolve itself--Ning seems to have problems now and then.

Anyway, if it is our last communication, thank you for being a friend and for all the lively conversations. I'm glad you and Maxx are continuing your partnership and I hope great progress and success for you. Of course, I also hope your life going forward is happy and fulfilling.

Charlotte and Valegro say goodbye.

At 7:20am on December 31, 2019, Angharad said…

May your 2020 be filled with happiness, good friends, good health, and stellar rides!

At 11:18pm on December 24, 2019, Angharad said…

Merry Christmas, Carol, and a fabulous 2020!

At 6:00am on November 28, 2019, Angharad said…

Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Carol! I hope you'll be sharing it with friends or family or HORSES!!! 

At 6:53am on November 4, 2019, Angharad said…

Thanks for the great picture, Carol! 

Did I ever send you one of me? I don't have a lot (most of my photos got destroyed), but here's a still taken from a video when I was in competition. Sorry it's blurry.

This is just the once around the outside of the ring before officially beginning our ride.



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