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Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak

Leave it to some goober, Republican Senator to push for carrying guns on an Amtrak train or lose Federal subsidies. Haven't we seen enough with these Militia-type morons showing up at Obama town-hall meetings with guns strapped to their hips? Guns may have a place in rural America but allowing them to be carried in increasingly more places is bound to encourage people to return to settling disputes with guns. Does anyone remember the Old West was civilized by forbidding guns within the town limits? I don't get this macho obsession with walking around with a gun strapped to your waist. People who do this often insist it is for defensive purposes but I think they are just insecure people who wear the gun as an act of intimidation. Seriously, do you really think if the Federal government became, as you fear, oppressive, your side arm would be any match for the military weaponry of the army? Give me a f**king break! Maybe you think wearing a gun makes you a chick magnet? It just makes you look like Mr. October in the 2009 Mr. Militia calendar. Militia types, take my word for it, chicks are not impressed by men wearing guns. Try things more likely to bring you chick success, like grooming and good conversation.

If you don't I may have to call Wyatt Earp to come and shoot you down in the street. Besides, it's not fair to make it legal to carry a gun on a train and keep it illegal to shoot the guy next to me yelling on his cell phone for an hour.

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Comment by JMcAul on September 17, 2009 at 10:41am
Arthur, your comment raises an excellent point: people who have legally exercised their right to carry, greatly value that right and DO NOT want to risk losing it through careless use of their firearms. I know plenty of people who legally carry arms and believe me - the LAST thing they ever want to do is be forced to use one for self-defense or defense of others under attack, well-the NEXT to last thing at least. The last thing they want to do is find themselves unarmed and unable to defend against such an attack.
Comment by JMcAul on September 17, 2009 at 10:24am
No1toolmaker said: I have a suggestion for you getagroove. how about you enroll in a CCW class and meet the ladies and gentlemen that have asked for the privilege to carry a handgun. and see if you can match them in morality and civility.....

Tool, I just have one small modification to what you said here, They have not 'asked for the privilege' (that RIGHT has already been granted by the 2nd Amendment.) They have stepped up to the bar and become willing to ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY of legally carrying a handgun. It is a fearsome responsibility for those that are willing to do so but it is one of the biggest single guarantees that we have of our Liberty, tenuous as it may be.

Free People Own Guns - Slaves Don't
Comment by JMcAul on September 17, 2009 at 10:16am
Getagroove: Getyourfactsstraight. Empirical evidence (that means indisputable, er-um, how about "undeniable", oh boy, try "factual" or perhaps even TRUE) from study after study shows that increased gun rights (expanded concealed carry laws, etc.) when enacted serve to REDUCE criminal attacks on innocent people . Time and time again, it's been proven. If we didn't have such a mass delusional paranioa about guns in this country, airlines would have long ago lined the fuselage of airplanes with Kevlar (the stuff bulletproof vests are made of) and allowed law abiding customers to bring their legally owned concealed weapons on board airplanes. The hijackers on 9/11 would have been quickly dispatched if there had been even a handful of lawfully armed private citizens on board those planes knowing the fuselage was protected from being pierced by a bullet. Thousands of Americans would still be alive and the twin towers would still be standing.
Comment by Whiny Old Bastard on September 17, 2009 at 6:13am
Gee whiz,get a grip. All that's being allowed is for people to put guns in CHECKED baggage . The airlines have always allowed it.
Comment by no1toolmkr on September 17, 2009 at 2:25am
an armed society is a civil society...
I wear my gun everywhere, and I keep it completely concealed at all times. It's not because I feel insecure. and it's not for some macho chick magnet either. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take on the responsibility of carrying a firearm. and the class's and training they put you through to get the personally autographed license from your elected sheriff garners an appropriate amount of respect as well.
All citizens who want too should and are permitted to carry fire arms. It drives violent crime rates down to near insignificant levels and imparts a masterful understanding of civility. I have never had to use it, nor have I pulled it out and shown it to anyone. nor does any of the dozens of people that I know that have a CCW. to do that would be completely irresponsible. and for you to suggest that we would use the weapon to settle personal conflicts is quite insulting.
I have a suggestion for you getagroove. how about you enroll in a CCW class and meet the ladies and gentlemen that have asked for the privilege to carry a handgun. and see if you can match them in morality and civility.....
I'm betting you can not....



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