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Masonic gold rush

GOLD! That was the cry that launched the largest invasion of people for years. I am planning a trip to the high desert of Califorina, where the gold rush was very active in the mines that dot the mountains in the area near Bridgeport, CA.

Gold Mine

I hope your day is going as lovely as mine. The tempture today is about 84 and a light breeze. I am very excited about my plans to visit the remains of another old gold mine. I research and then locate on different maps which include Topo. I then plug in the GPS routing to get me up the myrid of dirt roads and canyons and hills to the site. It is often difficlult due to the condition of the trails. Most are suitable only for four-wheel drive.

My target this trip is the old Paramount Mine. It was not as large as the Chemung Mine, which Linda and I photographed last Novemebr, but it still has a few remains. I love the peace and solitude of the mountains. Being on the very ground the was once bustling with the activity of mining for gold makes it more enjoyable. Often the story or history is very interesting. There are not anything like tour guides, facilities and gift shops. Just the real thing as it was a hundred years ago. I do enjoy the small risk in getting there to. I am keeping my eye on the thunderstorms predected in the areas that I plan to travel.

your wandering friend, James Jacobs

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Comment by Jim Jacobs on July 31, 2009 at 2:43pm
Thank you Tina. Your friendship is more precious to me than any gold.
Comment by Tina on July 31, 2009 at 2:27pm
Oh James, This video is such a treat for the mind and the eyes. I adore History and you bring it right to the door. You are a "hiker ourdoors man" to be sure! Thank you so much for caring about all of those who enjoy the following of your travels...Simply beautiful...Blessings



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