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Can Obamacare Actually Make Things Worse?

It's five minutes past 3:00 PM. I'm hungry as heck. I didn't eat breakfast this morning -- or lunch. I had to get my blood drawn today to test my cholesterol and other assorted things, so I had to fast. I got to my clinic at a quarter to nine this morning. I had to wait in the waiting area till 12:00 PM to see a doctor. It was 12:30 PM by the time I got my blood drawn. And they say Obamacare will make things worse! Can things get worse in the healthcare field? I doubt it.

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Comment by Maggie Mae on September 1, 2009 at 8:40am
After going to the er last week, being told I couldn't be properly treated with no insurance, mistreatment sent me into a migraine attack, which made me pass out, after being dragged like a bag of potatoes by 3-4 nurses, one yelling at me to get up...
Getting plopped in the wheelchair, feeling myself sliding out, plopped down again and yelled at the whole time to wake up....the halls filled with gurnies with people on them, then getting a shot for the migraine(which shots don't help) being shoved out the door, getting a bill for the original mistreatment, then a bill for the migraine "treatment", the migraine attack they caused"
No, I don't think things can get much worse.



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