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Robert Burke's Blog – June 2013 Archive (3)

Enflamed in Babylon

When I first went to college (a community college) I majored in "Staying Out Of Vietnam."  I dropped out for a bit after "The Lottery" came up in my favor.  When I returned to college (at a nearby university) I needed to declare a major.  I had heard that "History" was an easy major.  I've always been a lazy man, so I chose history.  But mostly I studied girls and beer.

A decade later (but before I left my profession of "student") a friend came by my trailer and gave me a book: "The…


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Salty Camping

In a group where I am a member, someone posted a message about camping, and last night I posted a reply.  And something about camping became a part of the dream I was having when I awoke this morning.

I was with an aunt (the only one left alive), and she told me that her son had been released from federal prison (drugs). I hadn't seen him since he became a fugitive from justice 20 years ago, and I told my aunt that I would like to see him.  When I said that he stepped from behind a…


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Our "farmers market" is open, and I went there this morning.  The couple from down around Carbondale was there, and they had tomatoes from their garden.  Heaven on earth!!!  I bought a big bag full of tomatoes.  I just love tomatoes!  Not the hydroponic kind, though.  But real garden-grown tomatoes are the bee's knees!  I had tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches for supper.

Here's a link as an obscure reference to Liza Minnelli, a beautiful tomato:…


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