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The last blog was just after we arrived in Leesburg, VA. The Snow was deep, but most of the roads were plowed. And the ones that weren't plowed, the jeep handled with no problem. My son's flight from AZ got in late Sun night but it did arrive. On Monday,Tue, Wed, and Thursday I did my Christmas shopping and we put everything under the Christmas tree. Christmas eve we went to "NIDO'S" restaurant for a big dinner. This is tradition. We have done this every Christmas for 20 years. My Son, Bryan… Continue

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Happy and I made it. we are in Leesburg, VA. It seems kind of strange, but we started to see snow on the ground right at the NC/VA border. By the time we got to Richmond (65 miles) the snow was pretty deep. About a foot.

I'm not sure what causes it, but as soon as you get to the North side of Richmond, people go crazy. There were drivers doing 80 weaving in and out between the 18 wheelers. There was a wreck, or someone in a snowbank at just about every Exit/Entrance. Consequently,… Continue

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Tonight Happy and I are in a motel near Rocky Mount, NC. We spent last night at Savannah, GA. We are headed to Leesburg, VA. I stored the RV near Melbourne, Fl. I'm driving the Jeep Liberty to VA. So far we have managed to stay South and East of the Storm, but tomorrow we will have to invade the snow area. We are close enough to the storm area that late this evening we started seeing trucks and cars going the opposite direction that still had lots of snow on them. I was in a service station and… Continue

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it's the 17th of Dec.. Tomorrow I start North. Blondie, Cali, Hope to meet you gals while I'm there. SandyD Maybe I'll be able to swing through Charleston on the way back down.

Yesterday I moved to a better site here in the PAFB RV Park. (See Pics). Tomorrow I leave. So most of today I will spend getting ready.

This morning I met with George Richards. He wins the prize for being the 40th tbd person I have met in real life.

We met at a coffee shop in Cocoa Beach, FL.… Continue

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Driving across the Banana River, Headed to Patrick AFB, Florida.

We are still at Patrick AFB, Florida. It has stopped raining. For the last couple days at least. It was in the 80s most of the weekend. Was really nice today until about 4:00 pm. Then the "Sea Fog" moved in. I was driving down A1A, the road along the Atlantic Coast of Florida that runs all the way from Jacksonville to Key West, when I noticed that something ahead of me seemed to be… Continue

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Blue Angle Aircraft on display at welcome center near pensacola, Fl

At Sumter Oaks RV Park

At Sumter Oaks RV Park

Anybody got a fishing pole? I'm at Patrick AFB, FL. This where i was when I first came across TBD back at the start of 2008. Has it been only 2 years? I have made so many friends on TBD and tbdNing that it seems… Continue

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We (Happy and I)are at the Escapees "Rainbow Plantation" at Summerdale Alabama. Listening to the aftermath of Alabama vs. Florida game. Alabama just beat Florida for the SEC championship and will now play in the National Championship game.

We are under a "Hard Freeze" warning tonight. Hope my propane holds out. I have light bulbs in the water compartment. That should keep my water pipeing from freezing tonight. I can hear the Canadians laughing all the way down here.

This morning I… Continue

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After two days at the Lafayette/Breaux Bridge area including a great visit with my friend Kathy and her friend Mark and brother Trevor, I decided that it was time to get moving. Thursday was just another day on the road and I made it to the FamCamp at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. This morning I went to the Seebee Base in Gulfport and got a vehicle sticker for the RV. Then back to Keesler. Hooked up the TOWD and started East. I decided to drive scenic Hwy 90 for awhile instead of immediately… Continue

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A scrumptious meal of Gumbo

It was still raining this morning so I decided to stay at the Lafayette KOA for another day. The rain stopped by nine am and I took Happy out for the second time this morning. It was reasonably warm, so we walked all around the KOA site. It is pretty large and has a lake that is at least 5 acres. I washed both couch covers and did a few other housekeeping chores. Yes, you can never get away from those. Kathy… Continue

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This eve we are at the Lafayette, LA KOA. It is really located at Scott, LA, Exit 97 off I-10. But since nobody outside of Scott knows where Scott is, they call it the Lafayette KOA. Look it up on Google.

When the weather is nice this is a really great campground. As a matter of fact, When the weather is very unnice (Notice I didn't say shitty. Aren't you proud to be associated with such a nice clean living young man?) it still is a very nice campground. It has concrete pull thru sites.… Continue

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