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Ha-ha! And how are we feeling . . .

Hey everyone. How are we feeling today? O Wait. Shh. Don't answer that. You might be giving away classified information. Ha-ha! EeeYeah.

I don't suppose anyone saw the Burlington Free Press today? Probably not, it's a relatively small publication. On the front page, above the fold, is an article about UVM and some research they are doing. I haven't read the whole article yet, but it's interesting because it seems they are, or they were, examining blog posts and stuff to see how… Continue

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Have you seen the news - July 27, 2009

So if you live in the north east you may have seen the news - or maybe not, but it seems there were some interesting events on the interstate in both New York and Vermont this weekend. Never mind the sink hole that opened up and is expected to be fixed by Tuesday, it didn't swallow anything noteworthy.

O wait. That in itself is noteworthy. Someone should send the state cop who spotted it a note of thanks, just for paying attention. I mean, really. Can you imagine driving into a giant… Continue

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IF {

war is a function for profit;




war is politics by other means;




politics is a function for profit;





IF (war) {

return profit;

IF (war ? (war || politics));


profit (politics)

return ( );



IF {

function (profit) {


IF {

war = (war(… Continue

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A Barking Dog

A Barking Dog

two people with a dog

a dog's toy

and a stick

"jump, boy, jump"

the dog jumps

the other kicks it

they switch

jump, boy, jump

the dog jumps

the other kicks it

this goes on

and on

the dog of course

gets confused

and howls

the dog growls

and jumps

and howls

the dog howls at nite

does he wake the neighbors?

do they… Continue

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Alias Hossein Barfaroosh looks like a butterfly to me . . . .

So I have this app on my My Page [my My Page - my my oMy] - anywayz, where was I?

Oyeah, it's a beta version of World News or something. I was looking for information on the DC shooting of yesterday, July 15, 2009, since I missed the news last night. Why did I miss the news last night? Well, it seems someone seemed to labor under the misconception that I must be some sort of TOY or something, but never mind.

Like I keep sayin',

I ain't playin' . . .

Anywayz… Continue

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Zen II - IV

Zen II

Sow fear and confusion

among the enemy ranks,

then sit back

and laugh.


Laughter is a noise.

When the enemy can hear you,

laugh as if you laugh last.

It won't matter.

Either you won't know the difference,

or you will make it so.

Zen IV

While they look within,

encircle them.

When they look without,

strike from… Continue

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Butterflies in Sonnet

Butterflies in Sonnet

They hovered near like monarchs in the night;

invading vain and raging ruminations

with lyric sound of soft and gentle flight.

To walk away, solitude's intention;

their lovely voices bid me 'Stay. Listen.'

They formed a semi-circle and they sang!

They sang so pure of love endured, I listened!

Stood rapt with awe and trembling, my heart rang!

with bitter tears unwept and raging pain . . .

Christine was but… Continue

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Things are always different

things are ever changing

looking through reflections

one gets lost

in a mad house made of glass

one throws stones

but the stones must be much bigger

just go home

sit there in your room and do not cry

feel the hollow emptiness deep inside

don't go near the fun house

it's not fun

the madman in the shadows has a gun

it is only made of words that make you… Continue

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The Tongue

The Tongue

Stand naked and alone before the whole wide world -

Bleed beneath the knife in broad day light -

. . . . . . . . yet no one sees . . .

The mind convulsed with truths and bursting

- fish upon the rapids leaping, bent to spawn,

- intent to speak one word, one radient rainbow gem

sparkling bold and glorious . . .

The tongue clacks softly in an orifice of dust,

no other sound will utter;

the damned tongue no… Continue

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Gallows Humor

Ya-ya. Settle down everybody settle down. You'll get your turn, settle down. Just take a number and get in line. I'm sure you'll work it out.

HeeHee! Oboy. eeYah.

aYugh. Well. Say, somebody asked me the other day if I thought it was all that bad. Ya-ya. She said she finally understood what I was saying and really wanted to know: Do I think it's really that bad?

Wanna know what I told her? Yes? No? Not sure? Heh! I don't blame ya. That's right I did, I told her… Continue

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Why I Write . . .

I found a thread this morning that asked of those who engage in some form of artistic expression a simple question, and that is Why.

Interesting question. I was tempted to be flip, sarcastic, but I guess that is simply an expression of some tension, some frustration within me, the expression of which, within this context, may be counter productive.

It certainly won't win me any friends or influence people in a manner that is all that useful to my ambitions . .… Continue

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Manifesto: American Mad

Manifesto: American Mad

Are you Master of your own Domain?

Strange question, isn’t it. “What is up with that?” you may be tempted to ask, and most rightly so. There is, I think, only one correct answer, out of the thousands and thousands of possible responses, and that is: Are you insane? To understand why this is the most appropriate response, you must understand what is really being asked, and that requires a complete understanding of the original… Continue

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Happy 4th

Well, I've just had a shower and a shave and I have a few things to do I guess. Don't blame me, I mean it wasn't my idea, but I do, I have a few things to do - I don't know what they are yet but that's never stopped me before, so hey . . .

Ya. Oboy. So anywayz . . . as I was saying, I've just had my shower and a few thoughts came to me and I just wanted to share them with all of you. You don't mind do you? You don't? Well ok then, if you're sure, but you better BOLT IN just in case… Continue

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A Letter To Letterman, Hi Dave it's Dave

I originally sent this note to the CBS Mailbag on June 29, 2009. It's posted on TBD, but with TBD closing I can't hang out over there anymore, so maybe I'll be around here from time to time. We'll see.

Anywayz, Fuck the Bozos . . .

Hi Dave - its Dave.

Was that St. Martin you had on your show the other night? Oh no, it was Short Martin. I see. Funny guy. He's married? Not that I care, it just seems like it'll be harder to get him out of the… Continue

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