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There are 2 music players on here (not my doing).....for those who do not know how to turn them off, you can hit the pause button ( the two bars). Wow...what a bunch of racket when both play at the same time.

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Willie Whitefeather on hope


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seeds of change


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Why don't we care more for the animals?

Our animals are suffering terribly in the warehouses they live in before they become our food. We can do so much better. Animals have feelings....they also feel pain.

We have feelings we call love. What exactly is love? Is love for others, or bottom line...is it really for ourselves? Do we do things for others expressly for others, or do we do things because we need gratitude/affection in return? I know when we give presents to others we let them know who sends them. If we were to do… Continue

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Ok....Don't take me so serious...it's just how I grew up.

My father was a atheist....His wife a good Christian, as was my mother who was his first wife. He hung out with the Christian Elite using the wonderful mannerisms and kind kind words, but behind their backs he was laughing at them like he used to laugh at the Christian side of my family

I have said these things for years now, so please don't take it personal. I have learned that what a person sells himself as isn't necessarily the person at all, so I don't pay a lot of attention to… Continue

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Mass mind control through network television

I have done some reading on mind control so I know a little bit about it to begin with. I esp. noticed through the repetition of cable news, mind control is definitely going on there. For example: If they can get the masses to believe in dumb crap like the War on Christmas, you can get em to believe in almost anything. War being the catchy word used to turn peoples heads and make them feel like something just horrible is taking place...What a crock.....Anyway, thank-you to Cable news for making… Continue

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I keep getting this message:

A problem seems to have occurred.

For further assistance, please contact us.

Or you can go back to the TBD main page.............

I can't send TBD e-mail or respond to TBD e-mail. I have had this problem once before and it eventually worked itself out. I will give it a couple days, then try to find out who to write about it. Is anyone else having this e-mail problem?

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Round peg in a square hole

I think I will take some time off the blog section for a while...I lost a friend because of the blog I put up " Here no evil, See no evil,Speak no evil" about how I felt about people who censor blogs, because I felt I got censored unfairly.

Maybe I was too tough, maybe I am not so smart, maybe I should have let it slide and just forgot about it like I normally would have done. I am a square peg in a round hole, always have been. I have never felt like I fit in TBD since I came here… Continue

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Here no evil, see no evil, speak no evil....?

Whats up?...I left a comment on a certain blog. Some owners of blogs check their comments before approving them. Whats the point of a one sided blog? Whatcha gunna learn?. How can we gain truth and understanding if we pick and choose what we listen to and who's blogs we post? It just so happened my blog post was thoughtful and in no way would have hurt anyone.

My viewpoint may be different, but I hoped it would be helpful to some in the understanding of why someone might be tougher… Continue

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Peace One Day is Sept. 21

I am doing my part starting now by sharing this… Continue

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I got sober without God.

I am alright now. No more drunken tantrums from my boyfriend who will become a x boyfriend if he doesn't try something different. I cant handle alcohol either, that's why I have not had a drink in 8 years. I don't miss it at all.

I used to go to AA, but because of my lack of spirituality I don't go anymore. The organization teaches a person has to have a higher power to stay sober and if they don't they are on a dry drunk or something of that nature. They believe a very few have done… Continue

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