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The telephone game

Remember the old game we used to play in school called telephone. It is a game used to teach children about gossip and how it can hurt people. The children all sit around in a circle and one is picked to start the ball rolling. The teacher whispers something in the child's ear, and she in turn whispers what the teacher said into the ear of the next child, and on it goes all the way around the circle. By the time it reaches the last person in the circle , that student says out loud what was said… Continue

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Paintdancing.....What a great idea

I wanna wamma… Continue

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This is me...fer sure fer sure...

Dang this looks like fun......Totally. Meetups are starting all over the place. There are members in my neighborhood....Paintdancing.com would be a start for anyone… Continue

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Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see in the real world. Beleive nothing of what you see and nothing of what you hear online. The richeous are not the richeous, the good people are not the good people, the bad people are not the bad people, the devils are not the devils, and the angels are not the angels...

Do not give money to anyone on-line unless you have thoroughly checked them out first.....There are many scammers...some good enough to make the best of… Continue

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I'm so very sorry

To everyone concerned who read my blogs...I just got back from Ca. after taking care of business re: my deceased father who died in March and my Deceased brother who died in June...Then when I was in Ca. my dog ate dry brittle bones and my friend who was caring for him didn't tell me. My dog suffered terribly and was almost dead when I got home...I had to have him put to sleep...My only thing in my life that made we happy. Then I had to deal with this horrible stuff on TBD.

I am so… Continue

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Sorry folks

Sorry Folks....I deleated a John lennon video on my blog section which was no longer working, and along with it went all your posts...Just a accident which should not matter to anyone because it was a old ( dead ) blog post anyway......K

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My poor little doggie

My best friend.....The one thing in my life that puts a smile on my face every day is gone now. He was fine when I left for Ca. to visit and when I returned he only made it one more day. I wasn't told until I got off the plane, ready to come home to his ecstatic happiness at the door when he hears my voice calling to him..Hobo...Where's my boy....?.When I saw him he could barely move or wag his tail.....I truly don't know if I will ever be the same.

We buried Hobo in my back… Continue

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Glen beck using vicks to cry

Oh I love Glen Beck.....He is the truth and the way.......Yippee… Continue

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God is a concept

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No relation to me

After watching this I am ashamed to say I am related to the human race. The animal world has a message to us all....They think we are the… Continue

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Wisdom Lost

The Indian Ten Commandments

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect

Remain close to the Great Spirit

Show great respect for your fellow beings

Work together for the benefit of all Mankind

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed

Do what you know to be right

Look after the well-being of Mind and Body

Dedicate a share of your… Continue

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The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Many on these boards do not like to hear this stuff coming from my mouth...So, What about the mouth of the future… Continue

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Music Players

I figured I should write a post about the music players in case no one opens Jumping Barracudas.

Please People...If you create players for the blogs set the sound on the players to off before you copy and post them. You will still be able to listen to them by pushing the play button.

When several people post their players to the blogs at the same time( then we pass over your players) they automatically play all at the same time, forcing us to have to pause all of them… Continue

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The truth about advertising...or...the truth about life

This is a video where people say what they are actually thinking instead of what normally would be said. There is foul language, so if you have sensitive ears do not watch this. Now I get to thinking...Since I have said that...People will go there just like little kids in a candy store....Please do not come back and tell me how disgusting it is and how dare I post it. This is why I warned you. It is also why I am sending a link instead of direct posting....

I hope I am wrong… Continue

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Anti Social by choice, not by label

You could go crazy trying to figure it all out. I am now basically antisocial... I am slowly trying to rearrange my thought patterns to new ones not polluted by the daily sick things I see. I don't see people much anymore..I see a society of controlled zombies. People with no enlightenment...no moral compass. They think if they believe the words in their religious books they are saved when they buy their guns and try to make others look like devils....Crazy, absolutely… Continue

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The Autumn Equinox

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How can we allow this to go on...I just don't get it.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated…I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by [people] from the cruelty of [human kind]”—Mahatma… Continue

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I love my dog. He is the one thing in my life that makes me smile everyday. He chases the blues clouds away. He makes me laugh and he lets me share his ball. He sits, shakes and lays down for treats. I don't know why I taught him to do all those silly things. I just love him the way he is.

He is a big red dog, he is strong and he is gentle to the ones he loves. He is protective and he is suspicious of strangers. He doesn't want to share his dinner with any of the neighbors cats, or… Continue

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Some Babies are born into Hell


Now when I look back I get sick, I mean deep down in my guts sick...and I say to myself..."Why wasn't my Mom there to take care of my little baby brother"...I was too young to act as his mother. I didn't understand scaring him was bad...I thought I was playing. Now all these years later, I blame myself for my brothers lifelong mental handicaps and I am heartbroken. I was only 9 years old. His crib was put into our room with me and another brother before he could… Continue

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I wrote this last year I think

Over yonder...across the sea

Mesha stands in the factory

Spinning the thread & weaving the loom

Tiny child in basket.. alone... in the light of

the moon

14 hrs a day with very little pay

not to mention another baby on the way...while...

here I stand in front of the mirror

designer clothing mean more to me than Mesha

& her family.

Things, more things in my shopping cart

Capitalism my focus, but Iv'e lost my heart

Oh… Continue

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