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The Bleak Trend Of Everyones Health Care Without Reform and the real story of who is really not covered now, including the working poor.

Data released today by the Census Bureau show that the number of uninsured Americans stood at a record 46.6 million in 2005, with 15.9 percent of Americans lacking health coverage. “The number of uninsured Americans reached an all-time high in 2005,” said Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “It is sobering that 5.4 million more people lacked health insurance in 2005 than in the recession year of 2001, primarily because of the erosion of… Continue

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What Bush and Friends did in your name.

The international Committee of the Red Cross made a report of the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay in Feburary 2007. It said, "prisoners are subject to torture and/or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

They described the treatment included suffocation by water,prolonged stress positions, which involved standing, "naked, held with arms extended and chained above the head" for up to three days: while hung from the ceiling, toilet access was sometimes denied, forcing… Continue

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Now, it is time for something completely different. Nothing Not Nothingness

I could listen to this guy all day and night. Perhaps we all need a bit of perspective. Of course this is not/nothing for everybody, just the chosen ones.… Continue

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Check out what wikipedia has to say about our fear mongering heritage.


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Why Women Need Healthcare Reform: If you are a women and you actually care about other women

you might want to read the following article before you throw your hat in with the likes of Ms. Palin.

By Sharon Lerner

August 21, 2009

To be sure, no group is doing well under our network of private insurers, which is more holes than net. But women fare particularly badly in terms of health, being more likely than men to leave a prescription unfilled; forgo seeing a needed specialist; and skip a medical test, treatment or follow-up. Financially, women are… Continue

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Is It About YOUR Rights or and old fashion LYNCHING PARTY

Sorry folks but I do not think anyone of us has the right to carry a loaded weapon anywhere near a president. The president has not threatened to take anyones guns away, so saying you are carrying it because it is a right you STILL have implies you think you might not have it for long.

A riffle has a two mile range, and I don't think these gun toters were that far from the president. THIS IS SOME CRAZINESS. These same people will be the ones complaining when after some DOES get hurt… Continue

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I am pissed, insulted and offended. Some man on here just initiated a chat with me to basically tell me he was naked. WTF!!!!!

I know some of Y'all are here getting your rocks off, but please have the good taste to keep you focus on people who you know want your attention.

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What it take to be beautiful today.

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Glenn Beck Admits He's A Racist

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Bye Les, What a Cool Dude

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Equal Time

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He's leaving on a jet plane

But I do know he is coming back again.

The "he" my 8 year old son. He was traveling with his older cousin, (12), to visit their grandparents.

It would be my Nephew's 7th plane ride this summer. He has been flying alone since he was 7 multiple times during his winter, spring and summer vacations. Needless to say it was not a big deal for my sister in law.

But for my son and I it was a milestone and I have realized that Mommy needs to cut some apron strings. I… Continue

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