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Goodbye Kona

Musings about Kona

My time here in Kailua Kona has come to a consummation and now I look back over nearly three years of experiences and wonder. I love Hawaii. What exactly do I love about Hawaii that makes me grateful that I live here rather than anywhere else on earth? Maybe I'll be able to answer that by the end of this writing. It all started in December of 2006....

I'm so excited as I get off the plane and know that I'm now a resident of the state of Hawaii. The… Continue

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Well I did this once already and "POOF" it's gone. So, I'll try again. I left the Wytheville, VA KOA at 0800 hrs this morning. Motored down I-81 into Tenn.. Through Bristol, Knoxville and Chattanooga. I think the area around Wytheville Va is one of the prettiest in the world. (and yes, I have seen quite a bit of the world). It was a beautiful day. Sun shining, sky blue, and road not too crowded. The only downer was the fact that VA seems to have… Continue

Added by CWO3ROBBIE on October 22, 2009 at 8:47pm — 4 Comments

The 5 Most Important Sentences Regarding "Political Prosperity"

Safety and security is on everyone's mind these days. I find these thoughts to be enlightening and comforting, therefore useful for emotional well being.

• You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

• What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

• The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

•… Continue

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in it's purest sense

is a choice

and trustily noticed as happiness.

call me a lazy soul

but i swear it's true

the easiest way

to insure

our highest quality of life

is to treat eachother nice.

the more we learn of how we inadvertently

rub against eachother

the more we will understand

at least enough to tolerate

and i for one

certainly do not wish

to be included in a circle of friends

who… Continue

Added by Michael J Masiko on October 21, 2009 at 5:11pm — 1 Comment


Summer is over. I have had all my annual Doctor and dentist appointments and the results were fine. I have the RV and the Car that I tow behind the RV (refered to as a TOWD) both serviced and humming. I pulled out of the Greenville Family Campground at Haymarket, VA about 11 am today. Headed South. The trip today was pretty uneventful. It was a beautiful sunny day. I decided to spend the night at a KOA at Wytheville, VA. KOAs are usually more expensive than other RV parks. But you can usually… Continue

Added by CWO3ROBBIE on October 20, 2009 at 8:01pm — 7 Comments

British Immigrant, 17, Denied US Citizenship After Refusing HPV Gardasil Vaccine

Simone Davis, a 17 year old British immigrant, was abandoned by her mother while still a baby and now lives with her paternal grandmother in Port St Joe, Florida. Because Simone has refused to take the controversial HPV vaccine, Gardasil, she has been denied citizenship. HPV vaccine is required of all female immigrants to the United States.

In the article "Despite Debate, Reactions to the HPV Vaccine Rare", published in the August 19, 2009, Glove and Mail, it was revealed that 23… Continue

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Adverse Reactions to the HPV Vaccine Spark Demand for Inquiry

The Alliance for Natural Health-UK has called for an urgent scientific inquiry inot the HPV (human papilloma vaccine) being used in the United States. Pulse of Health Freedom recently wrote of the British teenager denied US citizenship after she refused the Gardasil vaccine, which is required of all female immigrants applying for citizenship.

British health authorities are now investigating the death of a 14 year old British schoolgirl a few hours after she received Cervarix vaccine… Continue

Added by OCNaturalDoc on October 20, 2009 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

Balloon Boy

I'm going to keep this brief.

It was so much fun watching the amped up television media make fools of themselves over the Balloon Boy hoax. Any thinking person will understand that our political news is handled the same way.

Now that the entire episode was determined to be a hoax perpetrated by a Colorado family hoping to create interest in a reality TV show about themselves the authorities are trying to determine the appropriate punishment. Let's pile the entire family… Continue

Added by Getagroove on October 19, 2009 at 6:48pm — 2 Comments

Of Bulls and Ballet.

When I was a young man and excitement was clamoring on my back, whispering in my ear that no ill fortune would befall me and death was clearly something that happened, but to other, less fortunate people, there were no mountains to climb in my home town. There were rock faces, although few and far between, and while people did sometimes climb them, they did so only to save themselves from death or being mauled by a bear, not for recreation. Drag and motorcycle races required a substantial… Continue

Added by Vernon Windsor on October 19, 2009 at 2:30pm — 5 Comments


Deconstruct for the sake of art all the things you think you are, like an old recipe filled with flavor made new to reveal the flavor in you, fuss and fusion, trust your illusion, break it, build it, heat It, repeat it and eat it up cause if you don’t I will....

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To the interesting people

A note of thanks. I don't think of you often enough. I get caught up in the crazies and malcontents. Its more natural for me to see the world in the light of mad firelight, as I think the primitive world must have been. The stories in Caesar's Gallic Wars of the barbarous Gauls and the rituals of African civilizations have always delighted my eager need to see the paucity of Man. Perhaps the world seems safer if its careening off the table.

But for a moment from the ravages of… Continue

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USA deficit,towering $1.4Trilloins

M Saleem Chaudhry Obama faced a catch 22 situation,caused by multiple quagmires,of two wars(Iraq,Afghanistan)plus economic melt-down with treasury drained through tax cuts by Bush.Sky rocketing unemployment compounded the situation.A transformation is gigantic challenge,along with social agenda of Obama.

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This is 22 Funny


ready-set-bumbo is the best!

Added by John Dalhouse on October 17, 2009 at 3:41pm — No Comments

Redskins Cheerleader Permanently Disabled by Flu Shot

Desiree Jennings, 26, was a healthy Washington Redskins cheerleader who was training for a marathon when she was stricken with permanently debilitating symptoms following a flu shot administered in a local grocery store.

Here's her story in two parts.



Added by OCNaturalDoc on October 17, 2009 at 3:30pm — 5 Comments

Is Time real?

I'm concerned about the nature of time. We treat it as a separate dimension, yet it does not behave like the other 3. We don't go back and forth along it, yet we treat it as if we were moving forward. There is no real "forward" motion. My hair does not blow downwind in the time tunnel. Motion is the change of position relative to a non-moving object. But everyone is "moving" at the same speed, so we aren't really moving, are we?? We talk about the past, but we really mean past states. There is… Continue

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For eternity, my friend!

I would climb

the highest mountains

And swim the deepest seas

Searching for someone

like you…

You are the earth, the sea,

And the sky to me,

My world is made for you!

The stars smiled down on me

When I searched the heavens

From end to starry end,…


Added by hussain jack M. on October 17, 2009 at 9:58am — 1 Comment

hippieness friday

Didn’t want to offend you but I had to cause you were walking on the wrong side of the avenue and I didn’t want to kill you but I was made to cause your colors weren’t fitting and I caught you spitting at the unpaid balance that I wade through; death to you and to anyone who carries heat on my street your done for each one of you who threatens my session I say death to you and breath to me; know what I mean when I say I didn’t want to but I had to was made to so I can wade through and… Continue

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Side affects of the worsening economy

Perhaps this is better phrased as a question, but since I'm hiding in the blogosphere, I'll phrase it as blog.

I was noticing my NetFlicks RSS feed on my profile page was stale and looked pretty silly. It still shows the last three movies I rented from them and returned unopened. I was curious about Jeeves & Wooster one day and added them to my request list, but by the time they came I had lost interest. I'm a fickle boy.

I cancelled my subscription after that in an… Continue

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The first woman to earn Nobel Economic prize, Elinor Otrom

It's initiative of Elinor Ostrom,to work on unusal field of common property management,which earned her the exclusive honor of becoming the first woman to earn Nobel Economic prize.Likewise,field of work for co-sharing Economist,Williamson, is also unusal,being Corporate effeciency. This decision is also reflective of the Nobel prize committee's approach to be more open-minded and evaluate through wider perspective.

This is what Jagland,Chairman Nobel Prize committe for Peace did in case… Continue

Added by Mohammad Saleem Chaudhry on October 15, 2009 at 2:24am — No Comments

Obama is awarded Nobel Peace Prize for his initiatives,cadid efforts for climate change,nuclear weapon free world and climate management for future generations

ure generations As chairman of the committee for Peace prize,Jagland,said,Obama has changed the world climate by advocating diplomacy and negotiation,instead of preemptive wars and confrontation.Hehas promoted multilateralism instead of unilaterali...sm. He has brought......... back USA in the corridor of nations ,committed to work for climate change and that too in leadership,likewise clear plans for reducing and ultimately eliminating nuclear arms.All this has resulted in boosting public… Continue

Added by Mohammad Saleem Chaudhry on October 15, 2009 at 2:15am — 1 Comment

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