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Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 15, 2012 at 4:23pm

You have been bamboozled, I’m afraid, in accepting the opinions that you represent as facts. Re Your statement that ”It’s clear and simple: if this was a white kid, the killer would not had pursued (there’s that word again)him.     What is clear, is that Mr. Zimmerman according to the unedited version of the 911 tapes, hadn’t given much thought to the color of the young man, until, in response to the dispatcher’s question regarding whether the subject could be described as white, black or Hispanic, replied “He looks black”.   This exchange of course was no longer in the tape that NBC doctored and from which you seem to have formed your opinion. It was not a statement of fact, as you assert, simply the result of the liberal media doctoring the news to fit the liberal narrative.  Sorry.                                                                       Your characterization of “the neighborhood vigilante” (ignoring your seeming insult to the members of my church), doesn’t fly either, since neither my neighborhood nor Mr. Zimmerman’s (or even my church) has any vigilantes, except possibly in your mind.  If you expand your horizons and explore news sources other than the far left that you limit yourself to, you might be amazed at the distorted picture you have been swallowing by those who have no concept of journalistic integrity.                                                                  In regard to your assertion that “Tyrone is a killer, not an innocent murder victim, I don’t believe that I have ever claimed that Tyrone was anything other than a murderer, thief and rapist, but I still counsel you to not precede the court and whatever evidence is given in declaring that Trayvon is an innocent murder victim.  That is what courts do.

The whole point in bringing up the rape, beating, theft and murder committed by Tyrone and his associates remains unanswered by you. Neither the liberal media nor the Obama reelection campaign find any advantage in reporting, commenting on and keeping in the forefront of the national consciousness, the fact that four (five in some accounts of Tyrone’s fellow thieves, murderers, beaters and rapists of elderly people are not turning themselves in. Your choices in media news aren’t using it, simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative they are trying to spin.

PS: You would seem to be implying that “abuse of drugs, alcohol and debauchery  on my part, has something to do with whatever the “martyrdom” bee you have in your bonnet concerning me is.  Trust me, my life is not that exiting, nor would I probably survive the strain.   But hold that thought and when we have exhausted the subject at hand we’ll take it up.

It’s a busy time for me, but I’ll be back soon to giggle at Snagg’s outlandish charges.

Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 15, 2012 at 4:23pm

   I said “Obama called a press conference in the rose garden in which he answers a soft ball pitch with “Trayvon would look like my son if I had one”.    I did not say he called the press conference for that sole purpose.  I’ll assume that you didn’t intend to  misrepresent that.  I’d hate to think that you would ever dance.

   You bring up the truism that “the media does not latch on to every violent crime”, but fail to continue the thought with the reason for it.  That being, “if it doesn’t fit the narrative, bury it!”.

   You persist with the liberal media driven obsession regarding Stand Your Ground laws.  You may find, before this is over, that the stand your ground law in Fla., has no bearing on the case, if it’s shown that an assault was in progress when the shooting occurred. We’ll see. In your misunderstanding, you state that” Law enforcement took his word for it, despite the fact that he was asked NOT to pursue the kid”, and you imply, as the  liberal media has coached you, that somehow Florida’s stand your ground law was involved in law enforcement’s decision not to immediately hold Mr. Zimmerman. There is ample evidence that Mr. Zimmerman broke off from keeping Mr. Martin in sight, when the dispatcher told him that he needn't to do so any longer, and that, in fact, Mr. Zimmerman was back at his own vehicle, having returned on foot after that judgment call by the dispatcher, at which point he was assaulted. Law enforcement made the decision to release Mr. Zimmerman, based upon their own observations of the physical evidence at the scene which seemed to corroborate Mr. Zimmerman’s story. The state’s stand your ground law had nothing to do with it, regardless of the relentless screech being poured forth by the liberal media.  You then display a further misunderstanding of just what stand your ground laws are, by stating “Stand Your Ground was designed for cases when someone is committing a crime against you, and you decide to pursue them”.  Untrue. They make no provisions at all for pursuing a criminal and before you repeat that misrepresentation blared by the liberal media, pursuit was not what Mr. Zimmerman was engaged in, (except in the liberal media narrative).  He was simply keeping the subject’s location in sight as he was trained to do. The stand your ground law simply says that the threatened person has no obligation to retreat to his own home, but may defend himself at the location where the threat to life or limb took place.

   Your media induced line,” when a kid is trying to shelter himself from the rain, armed with some candy and YOU ARE PURSUING THAT KID”, is put forth as an established fact, when it is in fact, only an opinion you have derived from the media you are partial to. The facts will come out at trial and breast beating about media induced opinions is counterproductive when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, various congress critters with outlandish hats, the new and improved black panthers, innumerable other race hucksters and the liberal media, all appear to be trying to gin up more race riots.  

   You have stated in the past that you are a gun owner and a believer in the second amendment, and I took you at your word, but I worry now that your support for the ownership and use of guns may apply to only your own guns much like Ted Kennedy, who wanted absolutely no private citizens to own guns, but who employed as his body guards,men, some of whom were later arrested for carrying submachine guns into the Senate building to “protect” him.                                       continued                                                                         

Comment by Snagg on April 11, 2012 at 7:02am

What's nauseating about Larry (besides his moral myopia, his hypocrisy, his truly depraved willingness to use the murders of children as cheap political hay, and his outright stupidity), is his lock-step partisan conviction that it was OBAMA who "injected a divisive racial component" into this mess.

Yeah, right. Because Trayvon Martin wasn't black, until Obama stuck his nose in the story.

Face it, Bates - Obama could comment on a news story about an escaped zebra getting hit by a bus, and you'd leap on the bandwagon screaming "THERE HE GOES, DRAGGING BLACKS AND WHITES INTO THINGS AGAIN !!!"

You really have no fucking brains in your cast-iron skull whatsoever, do you? All you know how to do is to smile vacantly, crank up the phony moral-outrage act  and go along with the WND and Tea Party herd of know-nothings.

I guess it makes you feel good to belong to something that encourages you to pretend that you're smart and informed and perceptive about everything, even when you're actually dumb as a fucking stump. When you're screeching along with the rest of your moron brotherhood, you get that Old-Tyme-Religion thing going, where you believe that if a thousand people believe something, then it's the same thing as if it were actually true. And believing something, even if it's a lie, is what you're convinced that your god will reward you for. Not really WHAT you believed, but that you believed, period.

Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 10, 2012 at 4:06pm

Tyrone is another who might look like Obama’s son if he had one also.   So why aren’t the liberal media covering this?  Because it doesn’t fit the narrative!

Don’t worry we’ll talk about whatever “martyrdom” you’re trying to change the subject to when we’ve exhausted the subject at hand.

Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 10, 2012 at 4:00pm

Actually, you are close, but wrong on what I asserted, pac.   I didn’t assert that Obama called the press conference for the sole purpose  of discussing the Martin/Zimmerman case.  What I said was that during the press conference that he had called, he answered a softball pitch about the case with his usual tendency to insert himself and his race issues into things he has no knowledge of.   

And of course the liberal media follows suit as well as various other race baiters, including some in public office even.  I will grant you the point that the president hasn’t been as outrageously  shameless about it as a couple of female congress critters have, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did indeed inject himself and the subject of race into the situation.   I truly believe that none of them will be happy until they have recreated the LA race riots in Florida. 

I won’t go so far as to say that Obama is losing so much support in the black community that he would like to use riots to gin up the black vote this election year, because I don’t think that even he is that cynical, but he’s certainly not helping the situation.

You state as your opinion that the whole “white Latino” thing is only being pursued by the conservative media.   Guess what?  I agree with that opinion, but I won’t just drop the thought there as you do.  The reason it is being “pursued by the conservative media is that the term was invented by the liberal media as a way to inject a more broader based racism into the issue than simply describing Zimmerman as Latino.   As you well know, racial animosities between the black and Latino  communities are at a boil only amongst the gangbangers.   So what better way for the liberal media to engage more of the Black communities in general in the strife?   Ditto the fact that your favorite news outlets are now referring to Zimmerman as a Jewish white Latino, based on his name.

Since you feel the need to “clue me in one more time” about  the Martin/Zimmerman case still being in the media because Aliyah’s killers were caught and are being prosecuted,  I’ll feel free to clue you in also.   There is such a thing in law as justifiable homicide, which is in itself, not a crime.  The authorities involved have so far not seen evidence that Martins killing was a crime.  The investigation is ongoing.  This of course presents various race baiters to do what they do so well.

Your theory states that news stories have long lives in the news media simply because the killer has not been caught and prosecuted.   If that were correct, then we would still be hearing about Tyrone Woodfork, a 19 or 20 year old black male in Tulsa and five of his homies, who invaded the home of an elderly couple, on March 16th, to steal  $200 and a TV set.  In the process, he and five companions Beat the 90 year old man sensless, and beat, raped and murdered his 85 year old wife, before stealing their car to haul away the TV set.    Five of the six are still at large so we should still be hearing about it, right?

                                       Cont. next


Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 6, 2012 at 8:30pm

6              I stated that the LNM had showed no interest in a long term flame fanning operation either in regard to  Aliyah’s death, or the bloody Chicago weekend in which it happened, after the initial report in the news cycle in which it happened, unlike the 41 and counting days of coverage of the Trayvon Martin death.        

I did get a response here: A strong Uhhh….. I didn’t notice, from Snagg.

7              I stated that it’s my opinion that the LNM is doing this to try to set the stage for more race riots.  Sells papers don’tcha know.  

No answer from anyone here.   (Come on! It’s my opinion, you don’t even have to prove it’s wrong, you could just give yours.

8              I invited pac to back up his so far unsubstantiated opinion that  somehow the “Stand your ground” law in Florida has a bearing on the Martin/Zimmerman case.     

No answer.

9              I laughed at Snagg’s joke about  being civil.    

That’s OK, no response expected.

10           I also challenged Snagg to show that someone, anyone, had used a FaceBook photo of the “wrong”  Trayvon Martin to shift the blame?? somehow.   

No response except for more name calling and an appeal for the rest of you to not respond to my posts.

Ahh!!   As I’m writing this, pac makes a post about the link he provided earlier.   This is great.  An actual response to something I really said.   In it he asserts his opinion that the reporter asked Obama the Trayvon question “trying to be controversial”.   That’s good so far, even though he doesn’t appear to realize that “controversial” reporters are not allowed in to WH news conferences.

We now have a difference of opinion about why the question was asked.   But alas, he then loses all he gained by citing as “proof” of his opinion, the fact that others, myself included, have a differing opinion.   He then regresses back into more name calling and personal insults.

I’ll make you guys a deal.   If you all will try to stay on the subject here (the Martin Zimmerman case and the way the LNM is handling it,  I promise I’ll hang around long enough to let you hammer on me for all the off subject stuff you’ve thrown in to change the subject.

Really, it would make you look a lot more reasonable, if there are any lurkers here.    Name calling, personal insults, subject flipping and vilifying your opponent as a “troll” when it’s obvious to anyone that I’m here for discussion is no way to convince anyone of your argument, especially if you’re not even making one.

Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 6, 2012 at 8:30pm

Guys, I’ve made several answerable comments here.   With the exception of Snagg’s weak rejoinder to my challenge to him to show where the bloody Chicago weekend, including the death of a 6 year old girl, is getting as much coverage by the Liberal News Media (LNM) as their extended coverage and milking of Trayvon Martin’s death for liberal political gain,  (Uhh….. I haven’t looked lately), you have given no response.   If you guys think I’m wrong in this, say so--- slay me with your logic.

I’ve Challenged you all several times to back up allegations you have made on the case,  but so far groundless opinions are all I see.    Here’s a list:

1              My allegation that Obama called a press conference in the rose garden in which he answers a soft ball pitch with Trayvon would look like my son if I had one.    He thereby inserts race into the case by implication that a black child was gunned down by someone not  mentioned except in the LNM as an entirely new race,  “white Hispanic” or “white latino”.   

Answered only by a link to said press conference.

2              The LNM has kept the “racially motivated murder” narrative going for 41 days so far, even if they did have to manufacture audio and video “evidence” to make it fly.    Other than mentioning it in the news cycle in which the crime occurred, the LNM has “forgotten” the bloody weekend in Chicago, which, by the way, made the St. Valentines day Massacre look like an amateur attempt. 

Snagg’s  sleepy answer isn’t the best liberals can do regarding this, is it?

3              I asked “If Zimmerman is a white Hispanic to the LNM, wouldn’t that make the Commander in Chief a white African American to them?”  

Dead silence in response.

4              I challenged pac to show some kind of documentation to back up his unsubstantiated opinion that the NRA has engaged in , as he claims, a smoke screen regarding the little girl’s death.   

More silence.

5              I showed the link that pac provided to prove that the President hadn’t really inserted race into the Marti/Zimmerman case was, in reality, just video of the presidential press conference showing him doing it.

More silence


Comment by Snagg on April 5, 2012 at 9:29pm

Do not feed the troll, kids.

Comment by Lawrence Bates on April 5, 2012 at 8:12pm

"YOU don't get to pick a goddamn thing that we'll discuss around here, Larry, because you have NO credibility or integrity, what so ever."


And yet you are discussing it, aren't you Snagg.  So much for your connection to the world around you.    BTW, I have no little dogs, snagg, so be warned in your sexual yearnings toward my dogs.

I'd ask you to back up your assertion that a facebook photo of the "wrong" Trayvon Martin was used by someone??,  but I know you won't and both families have had enough grief anyway without you going off about non-issues.

Comment by Snagg on April 5, 2012 at 3:52pm

Didn't say I'd tried lately, now did I, you bigoted, cynical piece of troll trash ?

I'd ask YOU to grow a pair, Larry, and answer the dozens of questions we've asked YOU over the months, questions which you fled this board rather than address - But I know that you're just too goddamn cowardly to even consider getting into defending your claims that you drove off a contingent of the Westboro Baptist Shit Brigade or any of the other lies and distortions that you members of the Wingnut Media so faithfully puke back and forth into each others' gaping maws.

YOU don't get to pick a goddamn thing that we'll discuss around here, Larry, because you have NO credibility or integrity, what so ever. YOU no longer get to cut and paste your ignorant WND articles in this thread and expect US to defend ourselves. Fuck You, Bates, and your little dog, too. YOU'RE the lying  chickenshit around here, Bates - You pissed away any "right" to be treated with respect a long time ago.

Howzabout you address the way ignorant racist fucks used a hopefully-stereotyping "gangsta" Facebook photo of the WRONG TRAYVON MARTIN to try and shift the blame from Zimmerman to the innocent black teenager he murdered in cold blood - An mistake on their part so stupid and spineless that, when revealed, even THEY were so embarrassed that they publicly admitted they'd fucked up ? Even THOSE dirtbag swine have more integrity than you do, Bates, not that you'll ever realize that - You're too busy using the feathery pages out of your bibble to caress and tickle your taint, all while you stroke your stained, faded USATODAY photo clipping of Sean Hannity  and admire yourself for your bravery, keen insights and moral superiority.

Really, everybody - Fuck Larry Bates. He's is ABSOLUTELY nothing but a gutless, smirking troll. If he brought ANYTHING other than lies and smears to this thread, he'd have a reason to be tolerated, or engaged. At least Steve Macon thought that he was accomplishing something with his raving and sneering - But Bates comes here purely out of spite, to piss in our Cheerios and then run away laughing, like the little bully he would be if he were man enough to act the way he does right to our faces.

Yeah, it was quiet and kinda dull around here for the last few months, after Bates ran away with his tail between his legs - Maybe he's been recovering from the surgery to pry his pointed little head out of his ass. Whatever. Like his mentor, Rush Limbaugh, Bates has no intention of bringing ANYTHING except rancor and misery to the topics he addresses. He's an instigating little internet pussy without an honest bone in his body. We lower ourselves every time we argue with him.


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