TBD on Ning

Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in sit a while, refresh

yourself with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a dew or two.

We have fresh baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be

a tad hungry, too.......Your money isn't any good here, but your

friendship is valued, so come on in and enjoy yourself...if no one is here

please just leave a note to let us know you came by to visit....:)


Mary- Manager

Lynn- Bartender

I also have the Gathering Place...that I set up in a group on EONS...so please drop in

and say hi there too!.......


Hot Coffee and a Dew for my Jeff

and a cola for Dot and anyone else

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HappyFourth, indeed!
Just a few goodies for my friends dropping by, Happy 4th of July everyone♥

BBQ Ribs and Chicken

Grilled Corn on the Cob


Potato Salad

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Watermelon, Ice Cream and Lemonade

Oh yes and a little something else for you all if you over eat

yummy, Ladyg. makes me long for the parties we used to have here!!

i hope you and yours have a wonderful day.
so i think i'll toss in my fave hangout.

Hey Ladyg...my goodness what a spread you have...yummy .... yummy! LOL
I love it....I'm over at my friends house..Deb...:) We had Smoked Boston Butt,
Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Watermellon, and Bread Pudding...:)

Deb says hi...she hasn't been around due to taking care of her mom up to the past
couple of weeks.or ..so............but she will be back soon........

Hey Lynn!!! Deb and I like your favorite hangout...can we join you? LOL
please, come on in!!!!!!!! it's that kind of day, the water's not so hot since the air is....
I love it Lynn, move over Mary, make room for me.............so relaxing........now for the fireworks...........enjoy everybody
Always room for you Ladyg, never fear......ahhhhhhhhhh talk about being relaxed! :)
how delightful, to share this with a few wonderful friends! thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm surranded by fireworks on the tv and here too!!! so much better then
going in person, I think....Thank you Ladyg!!
Well,dang is there any left overs,know its been awhile since i been through here but got a little room for bed lol,looks to good.That ice cream looks real good.thats a spread alright.Happy 4th to u all.
Oh yeah there are leftovers to be sure, chickie cat..help yourself...:)
a very Blessed and safe Happy 4th to you too!!!.........wait it's the 5th
now...so ok I'm just a tad late is all.....roflol........




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