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Well my friends this  is almost over. So we will be closing this year out with a bang with a New Year's Eve Party. The champagne will be flowing, music to jam by, delicious food to eat, party flavors and old and new friends to party with. Those of you who are not going out with friends on that night stop by and celebrate with us as we bring the New Year in in style.







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Putting out some appetizers..................

Hang on Mary and Lynn we still got it, I think maybe our bodies forgot. lol

Wow what a wonderful spread and as for that ZZ Top video--I would break parts I didn't know I had LOL..ps I'm a big fan of ZZ Top

Hi Ladysliverbird, :)  I forgot to Welcome you earlier, with the site acting all crazy...but Welcome and A Fun and Wonderful Happy New Year, too!!! :))

:)  Food and goodies  LOL  and  interesting videos too...:) Sounds like a fine night for me !!

Oh yes Ladysilverbird...........no broken parts in here............yes my lady we have legs......haha

Everybody dance now.............

Sending for the emergency wagon...............

for 5-6 years, ending in the mid-90s, i would get a kitchen crew together and prepare the heavy appetizers, then champagne, and then breakfast for the Parents Without Partners New Year's Eve dances.  we'd typically have 500 people, and a budget of $500-700 for the food and champagne, and 4-5 people working in the kitchen.  it was hard work, but a great time and lots of fun too!

i'd bake up those bite-size quiches that you get at Costco, and usually serve hoppin' john too.  i'd make literally a water bath canner full of the stuff, and there wouldn't be any leftovers!  and by serving it at "breakfast" it was officially NY Day by then, so everyone got their good luck black-eyed peas!

tomorrow, i'm just cooking the peas separately, but will serve them over top of some rice, most likely!

what's your NY Day treat?

I had mine tonight, steak and bk. potato, ON NY day I just watch the Parade of Rose's, then movies...and just chill out snackin   my roommates are going over to a friend of theirs for open house...so it will be a quiet day for me :) plus it's suppose to rain.....but tonight...oh tonight...champaign flows and a midnight phone call with my son:)

NY Day treat.............black eye peas, potato salad, collard greens, bbq ribs and chicken, fried cornbread and sweet tea.........plus they talked me into making oatmeal raisin cookies.




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