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I wish all of those large companies would stop making tear-jerking commercials about how they're going to be there for us - with beautiful music and images of fully PPE equipped doctors reading clipboards in uncrowded hospital floors, children frolicking with Golden Retrievers, and amber waves of grain stuff.

Please...just do your jobs.

Besides, everything is ok...Jared Kushner is coming!

Recently, I witnessed a man in a grocery store become loud and upset when a cashier appeared wearing a mask.

He went into a public tirade about how this was all BS and that he “wasn’t scared of the fu_king virus” which made everyone in the area step back even further.

We stood dumbfounded as another man approached him to talk but he wouldn’t have it. He paid his bill, and stomped out of the store.

Soon after, the Clown said that he personally would avoid the CDC’s suggestion that we should all be wearing masks when we are around other people.

He said that he feels fine and that he doesn’t want to appear in public wearing a mask - completely disregarding the possibility that he might be asymptomatic and might infect others.

Meanwhile, Boris is governing from a hospital...Putin is governing in isolation, and who knows what else this week will bring?




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