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Hell-oh! I have resurfaced to report a diagnosis of Stage I Breast Cancer, unfortunately. Fortunately, as my doc said, "If you have to have cancer, it's the best kind to have." Funny, I don't feel lucky.

Tuesday is a 2nd surgery (first was a biopsy) to create "clear margins." Then starts the fun of radiation and hormone therapy. Yoicks.

How's every little body?

I know 2 women who have dealt with that thing, successfully, and one of them is a healthy and happy one hundred years old. It's the getting there that is a long, long road. It's a wonderful thing to have good friends and loved ones near you, to cheer you on. That's the key. I know you have such people, and count me among them, my friend. As BMichael would say, "SMOOCH"   Get well.

You know what?

I had a similar thing happen...30 years ago.

You know what else?

The knowledge...the treatments  are far superior than it used to be...

Wanna know what else?

The Doc said spirit is part of the treatment...

There is  much left to do...to feel...to be...

Refuse it.



Yoicks indeed!  As the others in our little group have said, attitude is important. 

Luckily, you are retired and don't have to worry about juggling treatments and work, or worry about work.  This is no small thing.  You also have a loving husband to help you through this.

All my best to you.  SMOOCHES.

SMOOCHES to you all! I had the 2nd surgery 2 days ago, and while "Lefty" (my affected breast) is not happy, I am ssssoooo relieved to have it over with. Waiting is the worst part ... so far. We are seeing the doc March 2nd, then taking off for parts south ... Asheville, Nashville, Memphis, N'awlins and ending up in Houston, where my brother lives. Flying home, because driving back is just ... too much driving. After that starts radiation ... which will be time-consuming, but fine. 

Thanks for all the good wishes and keep smilin', folks. Crazy start to a new year, but could be worse. And tell all your friends ... an ANNUAL mammogram (which is what I swear by) is the way to go. If I had followed the new guidelines of "every other year" I would be in far worse shape. 



: ^ )

Ok..so here's the ponytail update for first quarter, 2016.

It's really long.


Keep those reports coming!

Haven't heard from anyone on here for a long time. Thanks for this offering; it is stunning. Howcum so many don't "get it" just listening to and watching him? He makes my ears bleed and my skin crawl, A very sick man.

It's crazy. The polls are skewed because many people respond to them with the inclusion of "other" candidates(Sanders, Cruz, etc) I think the strategy is now to attack his psyche - it'll drive him nuts and make him react even stranger than he has been. Obama initiated that today - first by calling out the Republicans who quickly denounce Trump's actions, but still support him. And then by calling him unqualified to be president. Donald McRonald will not be sleeping well tonight.

A little over 90 days until the election...If one prominent person attacked him each day the narcissist creep will melt down.

And another good thing...Judge Curiel is allowing Trump's fake "University" lawsuit to continue - did not dismiss.




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