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Which goes along with with what I've said for years..."Just because the phone rings doesn't mean you have to answer it."

I have decided to "retire" on December 18.  There are five people in my unit; one of them is retiring in September, and three of us, including the supervisor, are leaving December 18.  We have threatened to do a conga line out the door.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with my time.  My husband is still working, part-time, so that lets out extensive travel.  Besides, he doesn't like flying, driving, or boats.  I would like to teach part-time at the local community college, but don't know if they'll take me back.  I could go back to training in karate, but I don't know if I'm willing to devote the energy to it anymore.

And my fiftieth high school reunion is in two weeks.  Yikes.

Good for you, Carol!

I wouldn't worry about what you're going to do. It'll come to you.

But the best advice I can give is stay physically active..with your karate or something else. Gotta keep the stress levels (physical and mental) going.


☺  I just can't bring myself to go to those reunions, not sure why. Maybe because I was such a mouse and no one knew me anyway. Also, we promised we would keep in touch FOREVER  and never did. Now, it's a non-issue. Both hs and college are in Ct and I am in CA.

I know you will like being free and find ways to put your time to good use.

Thanks for the support.  I have always been an active person, and most of my hobbies take copious amounts of time, but I'm afraid that once I don't have to go anywhere, I'll never get out of bed again.

Overall, I’d say the Republicans have done a remarkable job in upgrading their image since the clown show four years ago and the subsequent thrashing they took at the voting booth.

That’s not to say I like their message any better today – it’s just harder to make fun of them, these days, except for…Donald McRonald who appears intent on resurrecting and improving on the silliness of the past.

This evening there is another Republican debate…and it looks likes the gloves are starting to come off – and not by Donald McRonald – he apparently doesn’t own any.

But instead, by the other hopefuls who are starting to signal that enough is enough.

Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki – all accomplished, seasoned political veterans whose campaigns are faring at the lower end of the race, at least at this time, held their own debate earlier this evening, and according to NPR, much of that debate was focused on McRonald.

The following is an excerpt from an NPR report by Jessica Taylor, on September 16, 2015.

6:35 p.m. We're 15 minutes into the debate....and every single question has been about Donald Trump. There's been no policy questions, only political by the CNN moderators. Now, it's Pataki who is defending his statement that he wouldn't vote for Trump, which appears to break the "loyalty pledge" the entire GOP field signs. He reiterates it doesn't matter because "Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican nominee. Flat out. Period."

6:30 p.m.: Jindal is first out of the gate, justifying his recent sharp attacks on Trump — which he defends, saying Reagan's "11th commandment" that thou shalt not attack another Republican doesn't apply. "Let's stop treating Donald Trump like a Republican," Jindal says. "He's a narcissist who only believes in himself.

JaJaJa…sometimes I wish I had a TV.


Three hours! I couldn't stand it. I wonder when the fading away and dropping out will begin. I guess as long as there's campaign $ left and they can pay their staffs.... Why not bumble on? The Donald looked kind of pink-faced last night; I wonder if he needs blood pressure meds. Lots of mugging and making of faces and lame patronizing on his part. Seemed to be melting down into his shirt collar. I had to look away. Ja ja ja.

BMichael! I just discovered CA is not the only state to have a Sacramento. Your state of KY has one too. I haven't looked it up, so don't know how small or how close. I also found one each in: CO, IL, NB, NM and PA. The one in PA is a really  small town.  I lived there for a few years and no one ever mentioned it.

Greeeetings! I fell off the radar (that's what retirement did to me) and just thought I would check in to say "hey." Anybody writing anything? 

Me neither.....

Hey, Marilyn!  Hey, Westerly! Hey, Bmichael!

I am bogged down in paperwork of various sorts, and my life is too boring to write anything here.  My 50th high school reunion was depressing, and my brother doesn't seem to like me anymore.

On the theory that hs reunions are always depressing. I never take the chance. Laziness, selfishness, at the beginning,maybe. I could have gone to the earlier ones. I wanted to keep in touch with those people I shared fantasy futures with, loved the same TV heroes, the same Edgar Allen Poe creepies and laughed at the same rumors about our teachers' secret lives. We were wrong about all that though. I hear about some of them, from fb or some such thing, off on some political or religious plain that is far from mine. It's getting to the point where the grim reaper is picking them off, and that makes my breath catch in my throat. Those bright young things.

I haven't had a thought for writing something new for awhile. In cleaning, I came across some beginning of something I wrote long ago, and though it was pretty well written, about a guy's sister who went missing, it is so dark. I wonder what I was thinking. There is little warmth or humor in it. I am trying to work it over. just 2 pages.

Hey to everyone! No, I am not writing much, but have started a fun project in that I post one picture from our Africa trip every day on Facebook, each with a short remark. I suddenly have tons of fans! Not an earth-shattering adventure, but better than nothing. We are also going to put together a book of our trip, and choosing a pic a day will be a big help when the book finally (if ever) comes to fruition.

Dark fiction is good!

And I've never been to a high school reunion.

Sorry re: your brother, Carol ... I am closer than ever to mine and it's a Good Thing.






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