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Go ahead...tell us what you're having for dinner - we can't wait! Got a cute pic of kitty peeking out of a paper bag? Post it! We live for that stuff!

Math addict? How about a refresher on the Pythagorean Theorem?

Like macaroni and cheese? Tell us why!

So even if you're not a writer or a poet (yet), there's still plenty of fun things to do at the Armadillo!

Oh baby, oh baby!

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I have just two words for you:


Bmichael: You are a man after my husband's heart! (Da man can NAP.)

Westerly: Yes, I can afford it and probably should have done it a few years ago. Was sorta kinda enjoying the work and the people. But things change and now the work is no longer interesting. Will miss the people, but looking forward to .... naps! And fishing. And did I mention we're going to Tanzania in July? Just got the vaccinations today ... yeowch!

Oh, boy! What a life.

Thank you! We are doing the bucket list stuff while we can .. turning 70 this year (both of us) and realize we won't be able to go bumping thru the jungle in a Land Rover type vehicle for very much longer. Sooo glad to get the vaccinations (most of them) done by a local doc. Turns out the travel docs rip you off. Who knew?

Now to get the camera working ....

I am so envious.  Have a wonderful time!

 I ran across these haiku years ago and thought they were amusing, and became reacquainted with them recently.  They are not actual Japanese messages, though.


Bmichael And The Moment of Clarity

"What the...WTF?...did you see that?"


What was that?'

"I dunno."

"Me neither."

(so brief, those moments of clarity)

Loved the haiku, Carol T. Thanks.

I also love the haiku ... very funny and philosophical and so much better than ERROR 401!

To Bmichael and/or any other fathers out there:

Happy Fathers Day!!


Must be poignant for you, Bmichael, having lost your dad so recently ... thoughts?




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