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When George Bush was president, I was living in Florida.

I worked for Hyatt Hotels and at that time, I was the assistant purchasing director at The Hyatt Regency Miami.

Our offices were at the lowest level, just off the semi underground dock and receiving area.

Although there were many high-profile hotels and facilities in the greater Miami area, ours was newer, larger, and attached to a large convention center in the center of downtown. As a result, we were often selected for important political events, concerts and shows.

We were of course aware that the President was coming to speak but there were few extra demands as he was not staying – he was there to give a speech and then off to somewhere else.

It was a busy day at the hotel. The President’s visit was drawing a lot of attention and there was a great sense of excitement.

I’ll never forget the Secret Service guys.

They were just suddenly there and pretty much everywhere. They came into our offices unannounced with the dogs – those extremely large German Shepherds. They said nothing and acted like we weren’t there as they led the dogs through their paces – one sniffed me and my wastebasket briefly and just as suddenly, they were gone.

Later, I left the office and walked through the back of the house. Guys in suits with coiled wires coming from their ears were standing in every hallway, at every corner.

I was suddenly stopped by one and told not to move. He didn’t say it to me, it was more at me, something I had noticed before – no eye contact, their eyes always moving. I was at an intersection and could see that somehow everyone else had stopped as well.

The President was on the move.

When it was over, they just left without a word and we had our hotel back.

While he was giving the speech, I was back in my office. My desk faced a large window with a clear view of the dock area and a couple of black limos parked near the exit of the ballroom about 40 yards away.

I happened to be looking out at the time one of the doors opened.

President Bush stepped out onto the platform and for a brief moment stood there – alone.

I remember thinking “Where is everybody? Anyone?” How did he get away? Where’s the guys with the guns?

 Who is going to open the door for him? WTF???

That’s when he saw me through the window.

And waved.

I waved back.

I’ll never be able to describe how I felt that the President of The United States took a moment…no…less than that to say hi to a stunned face in a window.

“Hey B, how’s it goin’?”

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VERY kool! And hello from the Deep Dark Past ........ 


"How's it goin'?"


I'm assuming you mean George H.W. Bush.


Wow. Stunning.

I think of him as "the good Bush."




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