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Welcome to Starbase 2016:

The group's new name represents the final separation from the old  Eons group "Trek Generations", for which I was one of it's moderators. I had kept a similar group name, so the Eons group members could find it. Now it is time for this group to form it's own identity 

If you have not already noticed, the group's name is symbolic of the nearly 50 years that "Star Trek" has been with us, entertaining just about three generations of fans.

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As a fan of "hard science fiction", I'm more interested in the technology of "Star Trek" , however I do find the  politics of the Trek universe interesting. The Eugenics War and Sanctuaries were featured in TOS and "Deep Space 9" episodes, but I cannot remember "Colonial Green". Which series featured this?

You can be our "go to person" on the politics of "Star Trek. :-)

OK! I remember that episode now. :-)




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