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As I was wandering through cyber world the past few weeks I see lots of people, (including myself), playing games, chatting, seeking a sense of connection or avoiding it... I got to wondering.. what is it that makes these millions of people tick? What makes them happy? what is their passion? Which of course lead me to ask... Kasey what makes you tick? well , I think the need to feel friendships in my life that are relevant. I think also the need to be needed is a large part of what makes me tick... the chance that I might help someone keeps me moving forward many times when I feel like stopping...

What makes me happy? well probably most of all realizing I have the things that makes me tick... Also I think that exciting time of learning about a new person, the flirting, probing (I mean mentally), the casual questions and touches that communicate interest... these things make me happy... Just like Saturday mornings.. in the cafe with coffee and newspaper feeling like an anachronism because I am there without the laptop.... Happy moments in a busy life...

What is my passion... well simply I would have to say preaching is my passion... I feel a sense of completeness and bliss when I am delivering a message and I can see people getting it! I get excited when I see that AHA moment in another's eyes when they begin to hear the message that they are loved... When I am being a vehicle of learning for peoples spiritual journey... I am experiencing my bliss, my passion...

What about you?

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My passion is learning and then sharing what I learned. I don't like preaching because people tend to take that the wrong way.
My "bliss" comes from seeking the divine. Isha yoga practice has brought me closest to this point and I will continue on that path. QiGong is also a wonderful way to connect with the energy around us.

I enjoy connecting with people as well; to hear their stories, to help them along their path what ever that may be. I am defining my purpose everyday by experiencing life, experiencing each moment. It is hard but I remind myself that this very moment will not be repeated so pay attention to the now!
I think it is the responsibility of the "preacher" to find effective ways of communicating thoughts on Spirit in a way that creates dialog and inspiration... that is the challenge that i try to rise to each week... to connect with the community on a very real and relevant way... to touch hearts, and inspire thought.... I do not look at preaching as One person standing before others and telling them what scripture or what ever source used says... that is boring and often, as you said, misunderstood... but if I can tell a story that somehow resonates with your life and connects in a way that you can see the relevance of God IN THAT moment.. then in some way I have connected....

My background in Kryia Yoga empowers this process as the learnings from many spiritual traditions...
Well I personally have always been a "people person", I was out going in school, outgoing in life, and I chose a profession that kept me "going out" among people, day in and day out. I have always gain so much from my experiences with others, I value the things that people do, say, how they think.
I learn from them and yes I think it would be fair for me to say that I chose nursing so that I could be needed, helpful and be able to provide something good to and for others.
My happiness, well that is a loaded question and I could share for days on that alone. However When I am among people who are caring and decent, or around patients who are in need or ill, I am truly happy. I cannot say that people themselves make me happy because there are sides to human nature that are very disturbing and upsetting to me as a person. But over all and generally yes people and experiencing life with them causes me happiness.
Passion, gee, one of my many passions is to find, create and be a part of the peace in the world. To be the one to see both sides to a situation, to show kindness to all, even those that others do not like. To find the way to break through and befriend those that people shun. Being a part of the process is a passion of mine and I have been going after it for many years now, in family, in work, in public and oh for heavens sake even here...Life is rich I think, no matter the circumstance or situation.

Life and the living of itself brings me joy and pleasure. Bliss, I think is in the beholder, meaning Bliss is not something I think about much, nor do I often even use the word. The ultimate joy for me would be to see good changes happen for the world in my life time and to know that I stood for, and spoke for it's coming to be.
What is bliss? Bliss is sitting on the curb with a little boy who was lost and listen to him laugh. Bliss is reaching out to a homeless woman who was disheveled and unclean and whom the whole world has rejected and seeing her smile. Bliss is connecting to a soul racked with despair, on the verge of suicide and watching a new light spark within him. Bliss is going home at night knowing the world was made better for you having been in it.

This would be my bliss in a nut shell




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