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i let people live thare life the way thay whant to live with out feeling sorry about tham,so i can live my life

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In Hinduism it is believed that a person comes back to this world and chooses the life he/she wants to live, to pay off past Karma. It is why some children are born with handicaps, why some people are beggars on the streets, etc...and to interfere with that is to stop that process. According to the belief, that person then, has to come back again to pick up where he/she has left off.
Now; that is what they believe. As far as the subject of Karma goes, well...I have my reservations about that, but thats another topic. Maybe I'll start another discussion on that!
Yes I think the topic of Karma would be a wonderful one to start, I will watch for that!
Yes and when we take the focus off of our own business it usually effects the centering of a persons being. Not in the sense of giving or aiding another, but when the focus in life is on another persons folly or troubles, it brings you off center. People should be allowed to live their lives as they choose, this is what I believe.
I also highly agree with the thinking that life never ends, it is a revolving door, one life to the next. This life is but a mere stepping stone into the next life, the next life is set by the life I have lived.

I think it is a good choice James to allow all people to choose their own path, this is in part why we are human, to learn, live and to grow, and to become more of who we were meant to be. This is my belief of this life, and I do live in "to each his own".




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