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I often wonder how people of all beliefs, use their spiritual search in this life, on this plain, to actually live this life?
Does your spiritual sense of self aide you in your living, How?
How does what you believe in heart effect how you behave or conduct your life ?
Do you use your faith or belief daily? Weekly? When horrific situations arise?

Let's discuss this a little please?

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I am a spiritual being having a human experience. For me, there's no way to separate my spirituality from my definition of each moment. I have spiritual practices, such as morning meditation, that I do on a regular basis. But my spiritual communication and connection is a 24/7 thing, 365 days a year. Yes, even in my sleep the connection continues, often waking me at the oddest hours.

My belief that I am a spiritual being having a human experience allows me to see there is a much broader picture than that of daily mundane life. So much is going on at any given moment, that many of us miss because we are looking from the eyes of humanity, rather than from the perspective of Universal Unity. So, my spirituality effects everything that I do, and informs how I conduct all of my life ... from the "green" resources I buy for my home, to the way I spend my time in the evening.
Absolute agreement here CJ, what a wonderful way to live, I think. You must be a very filled and peace filled human being. I send you many blessings CJ, Tina
Blessings right backatcha, Tina. Life is as beautiful as we choose to perceive it. I live an amazingly blessed and beautiful life, for sure. :-)
As do I CJ, I enjoy the way you choose to see life. People often read parts of my life in print and cannot deal with my peace or happiness, my contentment or joy in this life. It is a choice to me and it always has been. I am blessed because blessing is all I receive!

Thank you for sharing yourself out loud, it is uplifting and edifying as well.
Dearest Tina,
I love to read parts of your life in print....and understand the total peace, happiness, contentment and joy...i believe that we come into this life with lessons to learn and lessons to teach and when i can go with the flow (meaning living in my center, my spiritual self) there is nothing can harm me, nothing can hurt me...
to be spiritual to me means...being kind, compassionate and loving to everyone i meet knowing that we all have our own paths to follow...
now mind you, was not always like this...and when i find myself today...wanting to run the show, that peace serentiy, contentment and joy....just slips away
love and laughter to you all this eveing...

and i love the saying "your life is your gft from God, what you do with your life is your gift back to God"
Dear Thalia, Your sharing is so uplifting and encouraging. I am thankful for our connection Thalia. I think there is so very much that we all could share that would enlighten and encourage one another in this life, I wish we could get out of our own way of being the fullness of this life for one another and for the world as a whole.
This life is fleeting for us all. I wish to cherish each moment, one at a time, to keep centered and my eyes on the goal of living life to it's fullest, just as I am....My blessings to you Dear woman, I believe you already have the blessing of Great Spirit (God) on you! Live well




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