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Defining Peace
The first smile of newly born baby is peace
Mother’s love for the baby is peace
Parenting the baby is peace
Become a part of growing process of the baby is peace
Peace is opposite of violence
Peace is Truth, Order and Harmony
Peace is love, affection and empathy
Equity, sustainability and eco-friendly
Peace is a source of energy
Creating spriton and then
Proton, neutron and electron
Peace creates life
Consciousness is a product of peace and
That of the universe and the life
Peace is infinite and time and spaceless
But creates temporal objects
Peace is a bridge between ‘science and sprituality"
Peace provides life-support systems
Creating resources and ecological equilibrium
Peace creates prosperity
With adoption of appropriate technology
Peace is divine and material
Peace stimulates wisdom
And peaceful behavior
To develop ecology and human systems
Sustaining universal laws
OH humans accept and develop
The definition of peace for
Creating one world-one peaceful global human family
Without violence, wars and terrorism

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Those are beautiful descriptions of peace. To me though, peace is going to work without having to worry about getting hurt or killed, or going about my day without having to be suspicious of everything around me. I would love to have peace in my life, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
I am so very sad to hear that RV, That must be an awful way to live life, I am not sure what else to say. I wish you peace, love and to find your own kind I peace I guess...With heart Tina
Peace: is not the product but rather the sum or end result. its the sum of postive energy spent for an outcome. without conflict and hardship would we even now what peace is, would we value it at all? with out the pain and discomfort of nine moths of carring a baby, would be now the joy and peace of the end result.
Peace is something we must value and work hard for, it is not easy to obtain.We can not right a law and state Peace will be threw out the land, we can not even vote it into office. Peace I am affriad, true peace and ever lasting peace we will not find in this life time.
Sometimes people overlook their peace out of restlessness. Just as so many of us we don't always recognize peace when it is right in front of us. Or maybe it is something we fear, because to first find peace with one's self and others we must do some hard work. The scariest thing someone must do is examine them-self. Then where they fit in the world or universe. It is not always fun or even pretty. Life never is. Once we come to accept the things we have no control over and release them, we can explore peace.
Yes, I think that truth-seekers truly seek peace, but, they don't stay still within their inner selves to be one with peace because as humans we're off and running to seek something else!
I think some say they seek peace and then stir the pot because they are bored.




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