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July 14, 1957 to November 1, 2011In 2009, after several misdiagnoses, it was determined that Tricia was suffering from Acute Multiple Myeloma.  She fought hard for two years through transfusions, transplants and experimental procedures and always had a positive outlook towards each new treatment.  She kept a journal of her struggle and, from reading her words, it is apparent that she endured more than most people could handle, but was always trying to make the best of the life she had.

I enjoyed interacting with Tricia for many years and she offered me much support with her joyful spirit.  I was quite sad to have let my correspondence lag to the point that I didn't even know that she had lost her battle.

In my search for photos, I discovered that there are very few of her. I did find pages and pages of those she loved and most cared for.  Pictured in her avatar above, she shows the pride she has in her son.  Family was her top priority and it was their love that saw her through her long struggle.

Rest soundly blondie2020.

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I remember blondie2020 from the original TBD.


RIP, blondie 2020.




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