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My Beloved brother leon died last nite. He was in my and my sisters arms..he is free now. beyond pian.... Rest easy darling..Love susie
Reply by The Dyslexic Dodger on June 24, 2012 at 4:38pm
With invisable ink, I rite of invisable realitys for the same reson that I draw.
Unfortunately all of my fine pencils have turned their backs on me.
Ungrateful retches.
Brother mine, why did we wiat until yuo wer so close to daeth to speek uor haerts.
I wil submerge my pian at loosing yuo until yuor eyes dim, my role unchanged strong and stedy.
let er' rip, all of yuor sorrows and feers, its alrite..I am here sweet boy.
Eternal Lover I stand and wait, I simply have no choice.
Guarding a empty huose is foolhardy, yet Iove is never wasted.
I , as many befor me believe that uor time wil come.
There are stil moments wen I wish I cuold have a stiff drink.
But I wont, its not worth it.
I wil grit my teeth, I wil do important work, I wil calm my twitching hand.
It is what it is

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Love to you and Leon, my dear!!

My heart goes out to you Reckless.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm very sorry, DD.

sorry for your loss but now no pain. Take care of yourself now you will be okay my dear one.He had you with him at the end just remember that honey. I am a good listener any time and 2 shoulders. GOD Bless.

I just saw this DD. I am so sorry. I wish I could do something but I can't. Lots people told me that when my wife died. I found it comforting to know they cared.

I'm sorry for your pain, DD.
I wish you healing.

i just had a chance to reed yuor coments...yuor loving suport my freinds. I buryed my brother saturday. The most important thing is that my sister and i got his wife of 36 yaers thru all the arangements and stuff. And let her greeve with us. And somehow got all 3 of leons children thru in one piece . Thank yuo soooooo much everyone.


                                                                                                                            Reckless/aka DD

Not all day every day is sorrow now but the waves can take my breath away wen they do come.


....having ben pummeled by waves of greif  yesterday, nowhere neer the solice of my valley I nocked on the door of a beautiful old chapel. Tho I am not a member of the congregation and unknown to the secretary she kindly let me seek refuge in silence and prayer.
   The thick stone walls and richly carved wood visable only by light filtered thru stained glass windows.. Much to my relief God was home.
   There is no magic fix to mend uor broken hearts wen mourning the death of people we love beyond words. Time must take its time

thank you Tenderhaert.




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