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"Rebooting Carl Sagan's seminal "Cosmos" miniseries three decades later is almost impossible — unless you happen to be renowned astrophysicist and science educator Neil deGrasse Tyson...Tyson is hosting a new version of the TV series called "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey," with the first episode airing in March on Fox and the National Geographic Channel."

To read the rest of the article & watch the video:  http://www.space.com/24243-cosmos-tv-series-neil-degrasse-tyson.htm...

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After the last one I'm still trying to figure out how two grey wolves evolved into this ...

yep, that just shows that evolution has nothing to do with intelligent design.

I just read that the creationists want to be on Cosmos. Probably to explain that Tyson is lying.

I just had a thought. Shouldn't someone tell the creationists that the show's production is already finished? Took 'em six days and then they rested. While watching their show.

LOL, redhand!!

I'm not sure that the creationists aren't on the show, but subliminally, in the commercials.  Last week, in the evolution episode, it was previews of the movie "Noah".  This week, when Tyson was explaining how the evolved human capacity for pattern recognition leads to people seeing things that aren't there, like religious images burnt into their toast, they ran commercials for the TV show "Surviving Jack" that depict the shows name and FOX burnt into slices of toast.

We are made of stardust, a large star that went supernova and created all the elements via its fusion process that make up us, the planets, and our current sun.  

The ancients were closer to the truth when they worshiped the sun as god/creator, it's a star.




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