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Despite having merged, Ometepe’s members are sticking together and staying loyal to their cult leader, Rob Mariano, who has fed them so much Kool-Aid they didn’t even eat fish the other tribe members caught. Their alliance, as we learned from a hilarious Phillip speech at the second Tribal Council, is called “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

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I do not understand Rob's strategy voting Grant out instead of Natalie. Looks like a big mistake to me.

And how many times have players dominated the game only to lose it with the jury vote because the jury hated them ? Hint - did recent winners Natalie White , Sandra Diaz Twine , and Fabio dominate the past three seasons ? So far Rob has alienated all of Zapatera and now is blindsiding/backstabbing members of his own tribe - all of whom he promised to take to the end with him . That sure looks like a losing jury strategy based on what has happened in past seasons of Survivor . And just how stupid is Grant thinking that Phillip could actually orchestrate his ouster ? Knock knock hello Grant anybody home ?
Get rid of Redemption Island. Matt has been voted off twice but can still win. Horrible!
If Rob gets to the final three and doesn't win because of everyone's hurt feelings, then it will be one of the greatest injustices ever. Unlike RH, Rob has played the game both mentally and socially. He kept his tribe pretty much intact until there was no one left but his tribe. No one else on that tribe has played any kind of tactical game, and just playing the villain isn't reason enough to hand someone a million dollars (if so, then RH would have won ... twice). To hand the money to anyone from Redemption Island over Rob would also be a travesty, especially if it were Matt. He hasn't even played the game in the proper sense, so giving him the money just for surviving Redemption Island is ridiculous. The jury have to put aside hurt feelings and look at game play, they have to realize that someone has to go at each tribal and not let their emotions about being that person get in the way of a vote. I would assume Rob has at least one more chance to use the hidden immunity idol, so if the Redemption Island player comes back after the next duel and targets him, that will be his key to the finals. I've never been a huge fan of Rob's, but he has played the game to perfection this season so there's no question on who deserves to win.

I, too, couldn't understand why Rob voted Grant out instead of Natalie.  Grant was a reliable ally, and Natalie is torn between Rob and Ashley, so she is not as reliable for Rob.  And Grant has a greater chance of coming back from Redemption Island than Natalie does, and he would do so no longer a trusted ally of Rob.  Maybe Rob thought that he would be in a stronger position by pretending a tighter allegiance with Ashley-Natalie rather than with Grant, assuming that if Ashley felt secure in the alliance she would vote with Rob to take out whoever comes back from RI.  But this would be easily spoiled if Natalie were to tell Ashley that Rob, Grant, and Phillip would have voted Ashley out if she had not won immunity.  Rob would have been in a strong enough position with Grant and Phillip had he voted Natalie out, and he would not be susceptible to Natalie's divided loyalties.  


Rob deserves to win, hands down, but his fate is now more insecure than it would have been had he voted Natalie out.  If Ashley turns on him, he is doomed.  Had he voted Natalie out, he would not be doomed by any single person turning against him.

Congrats to Rob! He did pick the right two to go with him tothe finals. Once I saw who he chose, I knew right then he was gonna win it all! I teared up like a babbling baby.
This should be retitled "Survivor: Rob Takes Candy From Babies."

Every season except this one, that is! No Fallen Comrades? No burning down shelters? What the hell show am I watching anyway?!?

Anyhoo, the epic final challenge is a gigantic maze in which the players must once again collect four bags of puzzle pieces and then race to the top of a temple-looking structure to solve the word phrase "Only You Are Safe." Natlie's puzzle pieces may as well spell out "Not A Chance In Hell" because there is no way she is winning this one.

And before the final tribal, we have to endure lots of close-up shots of Phillip's saggy pink undies as they burn in the fire — the smoke of which no doubt kills many small animals in the vicinity.
Interesting that Grant is still pissed at Rob. Rob never really spoke ill of him to camera so I wonder what the friction there is all about — other than, you know, the backstabbing him right out of the game...
FINALLY!!!! IMHO, and as Jeff himself said, Rob is the greatest player in 22 seasons of Survivor. He played a perfect game and, shockingly enough, the jury was intelligent enough to give him the respect and the votes he deserved! "Redemption" indeed! This was huge -- I am ecstatic over Rob's win!!!! :-D

Assassin, great comments! You had me cracking up!!!! Did you see how far away Rob and Nat were when he burned his 'pinkies?'
What a sore loser Grant turned out to be. What was Rob supposed to do, let him win because they were friends? They may be friends out there, but they're also competitors when it gets down to the end with only a few people left and the right move is to try to get rid of the biggest threats. I don't know what he's so mad about.

Russell's speech at the reunion was awesome. That's all I'm gonna say on that subject...

I had forgotten that Rob still had an idol, so it didn't matter whether he voted out Natalie or Grant last week.  Rob played a masterful game.  I can't imagine anyone playing it better than he did this time.  He even played it perfectly at the reunion show: he said all the right things about Phillip; he shook Troll Russell's hand; he re-extended the olive branch to Grant.  Rob not only took home the $1 million but also endeared himself to the audience by being a good sport in victory.


CBS will be guilty of abuse if they call Russell again.  The misérable can't help himself.   He'll get chewed up and spit out, and he's too dim to understand why.

I absolutely agree!

Ok folks! It's been real!


Now it's time to close this discussion. Any  other comments please post in the open forum.


See you...next time....on...SURVIVOR!




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