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Would you participate in a flash mob pillow fight??

If it was perfectly harmless and all , why not??

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Thank you for your opinion cause I trust your judgement and like to hear what you think about different issues. I was in parochial school in the 70's. They were over the top control freaks especially the whole idea that you had to be Catholic to graduate. I'm not kidding. But today there are so many parents that have to work two jobs just to make ends meet and with Bath Salts out there inducing, ugh can't spell this word...psycosis. Especially in Maine, it's something to be concerned about. We even had an advisory on the news about how to act if we came in contact with someone obviously delusional.
O, and as fun as it would be, no to the pillow fight...goose down makes me sneeze.

WHAT?  Flash a mob?  Yuh mean like The Mafia?  No, no, I ain't flashin' nobody!


Uh, oh, I see......flash mob, not flash a mob.


No, probably not....I'm just not that synchronized, I guess.

NO.....I dont like mobs & when I go to art festivals etc, I go as early  as possible & before it gets hot...flash pillow mobs might get over heated.

I avoid crowds too. The 4th of July is too much for me as far as crowds are concerned. Christmas shopping isn't my cup of tea either.




Hi caseyjo. Good to see you on here.
Sure, when should I be there?
They had one in Burlington, VT. Must have been organized by the college kids.




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