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Would someone please bring me a briefcase containing.......



In return, I'll grant you access to Ms Farquar.

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Sorry, I don't have a briefcase. Would you prefer paper or plastic?
How 'bout 20 bucks and a sixer of Bud, then?
I'm not sure, but I mean to find out.
You got her packed away in a closet somewhere??
No, I'm her, uh, business agent.
If you want to do hat business you have to go through Ms Farquar. She bought the Hudson's bay trading company and has exclusive agreement with high fashion hat selling companies such as Cabella's. Guido is her enforcer.

Farquar line of Beaver Hats.

Farquar line of Beaver Hats.


*Oh, hush, girl, you're probably the only one who sees anything wrong with this. It's only hats, so far.*

If you buy a top hat, do you get the tricorne half price?
I guess he thinks we're too sweet and innocent to catch him.

BTW, Gary, you're looking mighty... stirring?

*I hope all that stuff washes off*
HAHAHAHAHA. "Farquar line of Beaver Hats".

$720,000 seems like a very specific amount of money. I'd love to hear the story behind that. What were you gambling on? Whose house did you accidentally burn down? Who is blackmailing you, and what do the photos look like?
$720,000? Its what Sarah Ferguson was asking for access to Prince Andrew.
Huh. I guess I missed that one. Still curious about what you need the money for.




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