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Storms have already been here today. I think they moved to the southeast which would mean you would get them.
I know you're generous, P.A., but you don't have to share EVERYTHING w/me.
We share.....that's what we do around here.
Actually they weren't that bad and we needed the rain.
Well, it's quieted down, so I hope it has passed here w/out fanfare. I am NOT in the mood for a lot of rain b/c of my flooding history in this place.


Naw, that was last year, in FL. I'm much better looking now.

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I was really young when the family went up to DC and on up into NY.  I don't remember it so I didn't add it. I've been into Canada and crossed the border of TX into Mexico.  Honeymooned in Acapulco.

Honeymoons count, Ubu! Layovers too.

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H-m-m-m-m.  Looks like the same cartographer that did my map did yours as well!  LOL!

How are ya RT?

Good Stir, how about you? Still working?

Darn cartography anyway. Still making feeble attempts

Yup, two days a week at my real profession. The rib joint is no more....turns out people didn't really embrace the concept of eating only greasy food.  Go figure!

You should go back to DC. It's one of my favorite places.

I'll meet you there...I might even spring for lunch :-)




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