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I've been listening to some rather obscure things tonight.... Allison Krauss & Robert Plant (?)
and now Mutlu w/Amos Lee, doing this kind of Motown spoof that makes me laugh.
We saw Mutlu do this spoof in a ridiculous white suit & hat recently, at Amos Lee's Asheville
concert. And then Mr. Hottie was on a plane w/Mutlu last weekend, so I guess I just had him
on my mind, and when I did a YouTube search on him tonight, this came up.

What're YOU listening to?

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The sound of my Oxygen machine humming in the corner while Nickelback's video of Rockstar plays on the Mac's screen.

I'm tired of standing in line at clubs I'll never get in.
It's like the bottom of the ninth and I'm never gonna' win.
This life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be.
mmm.... lovely, Bob.
A duo my friend introduced me to.

Wow, Ubu- I enjoyed the song, & I particularly enjoyed the photography.
I've been listening to "Get Yer Ya Yas Out", over, and over, and over, and over. I love this guitar work, and I guess somebody else does too, since they posted it on YouTube. Mick Taylor at his finest!

BTW, the photo montage is almost totally wrong for this version of the song. Bill Wyman was still very much a part of the band, Brian Jones had been fired, and was dead, and Ronnie Wood had not joined yet. Mick Taylor played a true lead guitar at that time.
I just bought another CD of these guys, Ecuador Manta. They play at the Minnesota State Fair every year.

Enjoying Miles lately...

His music puts me to sleep though...

Okay, Steve, you need a CD with this on it.

I listened to a bunch of ladies mooing all weekend.




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