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Vidalia Onions?

.... hey, it's a really slow night, & I can post purt'near anything I want. (I learned this from Jaylee). So... PA noticed that I haven't had Vidalia Onions in a couple days, so I figured there might be one or 2 people who'd be interested in learning a thing or 3 about these sweet, delicious onions. I have enjoyed them so much this summer, more than ever before for some reason. I've eaten them just about every night (as PA has noticed '-)

So, here's a little intel on them, and feel free to use this thread to ask anything you'd like to know about, or post anything you'd like to enlighten us about.

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Onions that make you cry are just mean-spirited & mean-natured, D. D.! I bet a Vidalia onion would only make you smile & never make you cry!
Since I am an Aggie I prefer 1015-Y sweet onions.
Here in Cascadia, we like our Walla Walla Sweets.
A favorite sandwich in my memory is liverwurst, thickly sliced sweet onion, tomato and Miracle Whip on pumpernickel.
I really like sweets raw and chopped on top of a bowl of chili beans, too.

One thing about sweet onions--they don't make you cry. Unless you are REALLY sensitive, that is.
The smell of onions, garlic and bell peppers sauteeing in a pan of olive oil just might be the best smell on earth.
I like the regular yellow onions for flavoring in cooking - the more powerful the fumes, the better the flavor they give to the food.
Onions are just wonderful....any way...any shape!
Give me a scallion wrapped with a bit of chipped beef and cream cheese...!
Baked w/boullion and butter!!!
Bloomin' onion!!!!
I am in heaven!!!

*pass the nexium*

I'm having a Bloomin' Onion @ Outback tonight!




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