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I was reading over the 'What's for Dinner' thread and there are some real mouth watering meals posted there.  There are also some thrown together, improvised, thawed-out and junky repasts.  Given the time, energy, money, plane tickets or anything necessary, what would you have for dinner tonight?  What would be your ideal meal?

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Actually had a wonderful dinner tonight with d's girl, ducatiman, Teebubbadee and his Mrs. D's is a fantastic cook and the company was even better.

Sounds relatively perfect.

Take out the" relatively" Slim, and ya got it nailed.



When Mrs. Butterworth invites me over, she always gives me something thick, rich, and buttery.

I'm craving grouper.  Or steamers.  Maybe a doughnut too.

"Brown rice, seaweed, and a dirty hot dog"

You'll need some kick-ass gravy to go with that.

"Completes" Spaghetti and Kipper Snacks for deserts.

Do I eat weird or what? 

Sounds good!

What's a dirty hot dog?  A weenie?

CWO do you eat cheesecake as an appetizer?

I pretty much eat whatever is available. As long as it isn't white and slimy like mayonnaise.

Shrimp and lobster, but since eating shellfish puts my into anaphylactic shock, I guess I should just have a good steak.




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