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We have had such a mild winter here that things are blooming all over the place.

I'm scared to think that spring is arriving early, because I fear a late-season cold snap.

I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed this winter, and am enjoying the early bloom.

I've been taking photos over the last several days, as I walk the dogs, most particularly for Jaylee, who I know enjoys nature, but I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these early signs of spring.

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Since Larry has headed back north, the daytime temps have risen 20 degrees. Mid 70's today.

Yep, not surprising!

Warm, warm, warm.

It's warmer than it was yesterday...and it is raining.  I haven't decided whether I'm enjoying it or not.

Mid to highs 30s again today.  I think I'll head on in to town in a few minutes.....there's coffee to be drunk and gossip to be heard.  First, though, will be a yupped up breakfast at the only remaining eating establishment that's open in the mornings!




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