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We have had such a mild winter here that things are blooming all over the place.

I'm scared to think that spring is arriving early, because I fear a late-season cold snap.

I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed this winter, and am enjoying the early bloom.

I've been taking photos over the last several days, as I walk the dogs, most particularly for Jaylee, who I know enjoys nature, but I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these early signs of spring.

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I love forsythia. I don't know why, I know it's quite common, & old fashioned, but I love it.

I leave you with Daffodils & Cu... '-)

No winter here...no Spring.  Mostly just 'pewter' days.   Robins have still hung around and I even saw a Great Blue Heron the other day.   Been keeping my eyes peeled for a Snowy Owl!

Now that I write 'peeled' it sounds odd.  Makes me blink.....;->

Winter up here on The Leelanau has mostly been a non-event.  I've been here long enough to know that we could still have 8 to 10 weeks of snowing, blowing, icy covered roads, whiteouts, blizzards and power outages.  

Oddly enough, when we have had a storm, its seems like its always been on days when I had to drive the 70 miles round trip, for an infrequent day of work.

8-10 weeks? I dunno, Stir. I was taught on MAINLAND Michigan that you couldn't trust that winter was over until Mother's Day, & the UP is way further north than I was!

Hey!  I'm on the MAINLAND!  The UP is my ancestral home, but I'm not nuts enough to actually live there!  ;-0

It is cold  here.  Can't decide if it wants to snow or rain.  I think I'll call in sick until April.

It has been a very mild winter here.

Total snow accumulation is less than 3 inches. Last year on this date we had received 52 inches.

The skier in me loves the cold and snow. The oil fuel payer in me loves the warmth :-)

They are calling for snow today, but just a “dusting”. We’ll probably get 3 feet…

The winter here has been mild also, probably about like your d's. There is only a couple of degrees of latitude between us.

Yes, P.A.... only a couple of degrees of separation. '-)

It's a chilly 71 degrees inside the RV. Dang, I may have to shut the windows. Maybe I better turn the furnace on. Don't worry, I'll set the temp to a low 68. I like to sleep in a cold room.




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