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Challenges. We all have them. i.e., Some of us wanted to find or want to find the perfect job. Some us wanted to raise good kids. Etc.

My challenge:

I wanted to find good friends. I never really got that in adult life. I have many acquaintances. I have never seemed to draw people that wanted to be good friends with me or I with them for long. I think jealousy had a hand in it. Or unrealistic expectations of me or the other person. To be honest though, I wanted to do things my way. Not many people want to go along with another person's way of doing things.  I am not tolerant of other people at times either.   Too much togetherness with friends is not my thing, in the end. I think I am a loner.


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...surviving a stroke, in recovery, right after a brain aneurysm procedure, with no adverse effects...full left side shut down...totally conscious through the event...with perseverance, was up and walking the next day...

A HUGE thumbs up and much admiration for courage, hard work, and perseverance, radar!

Yes. A large challenge that you won over very quickly. Congrats. 




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