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Can't believe I found this one............................

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No pic but I was not hot.
I never doubted that.
Ummm ... thanks?

Hee hee hee
I think he missed the "not" :-D

And, I echo his sentiments. I think you were :-)
You two are sweet, but my awkward stage lasted quite a while. I finally started pulling out of it at 19, when I got contacts and lost the harlequin glasses. Teenage was not my favorite time.
Merry...you're beautiful!

You too Jaylee!

Love the glasses Bob :-)

Ray, you handsome devil!

I can see the resemblence Stir [hahahaha]
At least you didn't give up smiling with your teeth because of braces and tried to hide under a cousin it hairdo. I felt so akward.
We were all 'beautiful babies' though....
Good to see you back....kick off your shoes and stay awhile




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